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Baileys Irish Cream is cream-based liqueur – a blend of Irish whiskey and dairy cream – produced by Gilbeys of Ireland, and owned by Diageo.

Bailey’s offers a whole new adventure to the liqueur experience. Every sip comes with a rush of rich creamy and alcohol rush, offering a multi-sensory feeling to the palate.

The idea of mixing dairy cream and whiskey together was one way to handle an upset stomach back in the old days. The problem was that the two would only mix well together for a very short time – and this where Balieys came in.

History of Baileys Irish Cream

The story of Bailey’s began with David Dand, the Godfather of Bailey’s, in Dublin in 1974. Dand had the vision of offering the world something different, so he set about looking for the perfect recipe for mixing alcohol with cream.

Working with a team of technical experts that included David Gluckman, Tom Jago, Steve Wilson and MacMcPherson, Dand worked for three years on creating the perfect solution.

Their first attempt was done with a kitchen mixer, but both substances soon separated when bottled, despite being absolutely sweet to the palate.

Finally, on November 26th 1974, by way of an accident, Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur was born. A stroke of genius which saw the addition of a little chocolate, vanilla and burnt sugar, led to the breakthrough that helped Dand and his team mix the two unlikely liquids together.

Baileys entered the market as the first Irish cream liqueur. Gilbeys was granted permission to use the Baileys name by John Chesterman. Chesterman owned a restaurant by the same name.

The R.A. Bailey signature is fictional. It was inspired by the Bailey’s Hotel in London, though the registered trademark omits the apostrophe.

How Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur is made

Baileys is made from the very best of premium quality dairy cream, triple-distilled whiskey and fine spirits. It takes about 220 million litres of fresh cream from 38,000 top-bred Irish dairy cows (Baileys Ladies) for the creation of baileys annually.

The cream is combined with aged whiskey from some of Ireland’s best distilleries along with luxurious vanilla pods and rich cocoa beans for the exclusive chocolate taste of Baileys.

The making of Baileys follows the same process as making ice cream, with no artificial preservatives added to the formula. This is because the whiskey already preserves the cream.

The process involves mixing chocolate nibs and vanilla, adding burnt sugar, sugar, and then whiskey with the cream to come up with a liqueur with a shelf life of two years.

How to drink Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur

Baileys cream liqueur can be enjoyed in any of the following ways:

When mixing the cream liqueur to make a cocktail, note that just like milk, cream curdles when it is mixed with a weak acids. This might make the mixture undesirable. However, some cocktails encourage curdling.

It is best to store away from direct sunlight at temperatures between 0 and 25 °C before drinking for the freshest taste.

Nutritional Benefits of Baileys Cream Liqueur

Baileys Nutritional Values per 100 ml:
Carbohydrate 24 g
Fat 14 g
Protein 3 g
Energy 1345 kJ (327 kcal)

Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur Variants

  • Baileys Chocolat Luxe – A blend of Belgian chocolate and original Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur
  • Baileys Orange Truffle
  • Baileys Coffee Flavour
  • Baileys Hazelnut Flavour
  • Baileys Gold
  • Baileys Vanilla-Cinnamon
  • Baileys Pumpkin Spice
  • Baileys Espresso
  • Baileys Salted Caramel

What is the price of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur in Nigeria? How much is a carton of Baileys?

Product Size Amount in Carton

Unit Price (NGN)

Carton Price (NGN)
Baileys Irish Cream







Baileys Irish Cream 37.5cl




Baileys Irish Cream 20cl



Baileys Irish Cream: History, How it is Made, and Price
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Baileys Irish Cream: History, How it is Made, and Price
Baileys Irish Cream is cream-based liqueur - a blend of Irish whiskey and dairy cream - produced by Gilbeys of Ireland, and owned by Diageo.
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