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“Wine is romantic, intoxicating and built on passion that begins in the vineyard and ends in the glass… or perhaps ends in the intoxicating rush you get when you sip a spicy, silky, brooding red with your love… or the object of your affection,” says Ian Devereaux White.

Wines have always been linked to love or classified as a drink that intensifies romance. From romance stories to poems and simple quotes, wines have featured alongside romance or romantic lovers.

In a common setting, if you were to ask a hopeless romantic or even the most unfeeling of persons what the perfect setting for a romantic evening is, wine is bound to be mentioned eight out of ten times.

But why is wine considered as the drink of romance?

We surfed around and found seven (7) reasons why.

It is sweet

Romance is sweet, and so is wine. Whether it is red wine, rose or white wines, or even the recently popular Moscato, wines leave a pleasant feeling on the palate. Notes of fresh fruits and refreshing warmth are enough to set the romantic sides of us on fire.

Wine is beautiful

Be it in a bottle or in a glass, wines look beautiful at all times. Couple all that beauty with petals of flower and boxes of chocolate and you are sure to win over your lover again and again.

Wine affects you the same way love does

Scientists have confirmed that alcohol (wine) has the same effect on the body like love does. When a man and a woman are in love, the body releases Oxytocin also known as “love hormones.” These hormones play a role in making us desire body-to-body contact. Scientists at Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews found out that the same feelings oxytocin gives us is similar to the feeling we get from drinking wine.

Wine names are romantic

Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or whatever other types of wine you introduce to your woman, you will always sound classy; and classy is romantic. Those beautiful wine names open the door to a whole lot of romance, and if your significant other is interested in wines, knowing a little backstory will help you.

Wines are always a good pair

Wines make a good pair of anything you hope to serve or order on your romantic night out. Grilled meat, seafood, fish, barbecued chicken, local or continental dishes – whichever meal you are served, wine pairs well with all of them. You just have to select the right type of wine to suit the occasion.

Beauty Enhancer

You have heard how red wine is good for the heart when taken in moderation. Well, not only is the heart the only beneficiary of the goodness of red grapes. The antioxidants in the grapes used in making wines help to even out the skin tone. No wonder Marilyn Monroe decided to take a bath in a tub filled with champagne.

The great sage, Ovid, in his 17 A.D. treatise entitled “The Art of Love” wrote about wine that:

It warms the blood, adds luster to the eyes, and wine and love have ever been allies.” 

It’s and Aphrodisiac

Many believe wine is an aphrodisiac, especially when paired with seafood. The aroma of certain wines is enough to put one’s passion in the speed lane. Talk more about having a sip of the wine running through your system. The pesky little chemical messengers called pheromones that can cause havoc in our minds and bodies.They pass information on to the brain, which may affect one’s state of mind, emotions, or mood. It is the reason behind that special feeling you get after having a glass of sweet wine; that feeling that just eases you into the right mood for a memorable night.

However, having too much of wine to drink may just put you in the mood, but render you incapable. So it is better to take in moderation. Even Shakespeare advises against having too much wine when Porter, in Act III of “Macbeth” proclaims:

“Ah, wine…it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance.”

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