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1. The old guy depicted on each bottle’s seal is the company’s founder

His name is Lars Olson Smith and in 1877 he came up with a revolutionary new way to distill liquor without creating fusel alcohol, resulting in a cleaner, more pure spirit without any off-flavors.

2. He originally refused to sell his vodka in Stockholm

Due to Stockholm’s former liquor monopoly  founder L.O. Smith refused to get the required liquor license and instead set up a shop on a nearby island and offered free ferry rides to anyone who wanted to visit.

3. Absolut Vodka bottles might look clear, but they’re actually green

Figuratively speaking. In keeping with Absolut’s commitment to sustainable business practices, each bottle is made with 40% recycled glass.

4. The bottle design was inspired by an antique medicine bottle

The squat, round, crystal-clear glass bottle is similar to the sort found in 18th-century Swedish apothecaries.

5. The brand’s original name translated to “Absolutely Pure Vodka”

In 1879, old L.O. Smith introduced the world to “Absolut Rent Brannvin,” or “Absolutely Pure Vodka,” in homage to his prized liquor’s immaculate constitution. Since the name was a mouthful, it was quickly shortened to Absolut.

6. Absolut Elyx’s name is a double entendre

The company originally wanted to it “Elixer,”  however due to legal constraints they had to shorten it to ‘Elyx’ – which, conveniently, is a derivative of the Swedish word for “luxury.”

7. Absolut Citron was the world’s first commercially available clear flavored vodka

Thus securing its position as the best way to class up a Lemon Drop shot.

8. All the Components of the Vodka Are Obtained in Southern Sweden

The company adheres to its One Source Philosophy, hence all the components of the vodka are sourced within a 75 mile radius of Åhus in the province of Skåne in Southern Sweden.

9. There are 31 Labels and Flavors

You might know the popular flavors like Citron and original, but there are other Absolut flavors like Absolut Wild Tea ( a combination of oolong tea and elderflower flavors) and Absolut Orient Apple (with ginger and ripe red apples).

10. Its Biggest Market is the United States

Although the vodka is produced in Sweden, the United States is its biggest market and represents 45 percent of its market. The company’s distillery in Åhus produces half a million bottles every day to keep up with the demand. The company is also very efficient, with fewer than 300 employees working to man the entire production process from distilling to shipping.

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