Alcohol in Satchets to Protect the Youth and Environment |

Tanzania has now joined the list of African countries banning the import, manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol contained in plastic bags.

The government announced the ban yesterday, Wednesday the 1st of March 2017, with the dual objective of protecting youth and the environment.The decision was announced for several months ago when the Environment Minister Jan Makamba stated it will be enforced from the 1st of March.

It’s been observed that small sachets containing all kinds of alcoholic drinks pollute the environment because they are not properly disposed of. They are also a public health problem, as they are often consumed by young people. Easily concealed in pockets of trousers or school bags, they are taken into schools and classrooms. In some schools, young students apparently “suck” between two courses, bags of 50 milliliters.

These drinks are largely cheap, with some brands going for a quarter dollar. Reports indicate that some are selling in some places better than sodas. After drinking them, patrons often throw the empty sachets on the roads and into the sewers or vacant lots.

The ban was announced last year by the government, and some businessmen who are into the import and sale kicked against it, but it has enjoyed  overwhelming support from Tanzanians, especially parents, teachers and religious leaders .

Other African countries to have recently banned alcohol sold in satchet are Ivory Coast, Senegal, Malawi and Rwanda.

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