The goodness of wine is well known throughout the world and Nigeria. The unique way it moves in the mouth and glides down the throat.

The heady taste, aroma, enchanting colours and hues are simply captivating. As an added bonus, it is really good for the health because it helps reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels.

It reduces the risk of blood clotting almost as effectively as aspirin, regulates blood sugar levels, improves brain power, keeping your memory sharp, guards cells against free radicals, fights infections, cuts cancer risk and helps with weight loss.

No one should be left out of the unending benefits of drinking wine. This is why there is now a non-alcoholic version of your favourite past time.

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If you love wine but are unable to drink because of the alcohol content, you can do a dance now, because there is now non-alcoholic wine.

Non-alcoholic wine has all the goodness of alcoholic wine but without the alcohol. If you are light-headed and cannot handle more than a glass of alcoholic wine, you will be able to handle a whole bottle of non-alcoholic wine. The alcohol content is one percent or even less.

Non-alcoholic wines are different from fruit juice. In fact, they are regular wines that have gone through an extra stage where practically all the alcohol is filtered out, but with all the goodness intact.

Non-alcoholic wines retain all the flavour and characteristics of the original wine. One of the best non-alcoholic wine range to try is Ariel. They were introduced in 1986 and won the Gold Medal over all the other regular wines at the Los Angeles County Fair.

In the 1990s, endorsements from world-famous chef Dr Graham Kerr led to a wider acceptance of non-alcoholic wines as a healthier alternative. They now distribute over 65,000 cases per year worldwide. The company started out with just one wine – Ariel Blanc, and it is still one of their best-sellers.

Some of the wines in the Ariel range include:

Ariel Blanc

A crisp white Chardonnay-style wine with aromas of jasmine, floral and lilac. It has flavours of lychee, peach and lavender, with a nice acidity and just a hint of sweetness. You will love it with seafood and chicken.

Ariel Chardonnay

A wonderful blend of tropical fruitiness, with the character of oak barrel ageing. This wine has tastes of buttery baked apples, with butterscotch overtones, and a heady French toasted oak bouquet.

Ariel Merlot 

This is a robust wine with assertive flavours of raspberry, cassis and wild cherries, with pronounced aromas of white chocolate, cloves and oak. You should try it with roast beef, grilled steaks or even roast pork.


Non-Alcoholic wine is not the same as Alcohol-Free wine. To be termed non-alcoholic, a wine can contain up to 1% alcohol, but no more than that. Non-alcoholic wines are healthier than the alcoholic wines and they contain only about half of the calories.

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