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6 Amazing Ways to Recycle Your Old Wine Bottle

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A bottle of wine is one of the most pleasurable sights in the world for the avid wine drinker. However, when the aromas have been released and the palate has been seduced, what happens to the wine bottles?

Do you throw them into the bin and let it be carted away with other waste, or do you just leave them in the backyard or store with a pile of other beverage bottles? Letting bottles of wine go to waste might not compare to pouring away a good Merlot wine, but it surely it is something too precious to waste.

How do you recycle old wine bottles?

There are a lot of creative ways to reuse your old wine bottles within your home rather than send it to the recycle company.

We are not talking about the typical Nigerian style of storing groundnuts in them or cooking oil. This has to do with creative recycling, and it requires a bit of work.

Below are some of the creative ways you can recycle your old wine bottles.

Turn it to a cup

You may have a lot of glass cups in your house already, but a glass cup made out of an old wine bottle is rare and special.

To get your glass cup from a wine bottle, all you need is to split the bottle into half. The up part can serve other purposes, but it is the bottom part that is readily available for holding a new liquid ( or liquor as you like it).

All you need to do is soak a piece of yarn in nail polish remover and tie it around the wine bottle. Light up the yarn using a lighter and let it burn all the way round for 10 – 15 seconds. Dip in a bowl of cold water and there you have your perfect split. Go ahead and smoother the edges with a chisel or sand paper and your glass cup is ready for use.

How about a chandelier?

Yes! How about a chandelier of old wine bottles? With the bottom half of your wine bottles already in the glass rack, the top half can serve as chandelier. You will need wires, bulbs, a board and a chain to hold up the board to the ceiling. String your light bulbs through the bottles – make sure the wires have been connected properly to the power source ( you might need an electrician here). Don’t shy away from using different colours of wine bottles as this would add some spice to your chandelier.

Flower Vase

Wine bottles can make amazing containers for growing your flowers. You can simply fill up the bottle with water and soil and put your flower into it. In other case, you can also cut your bottles in half and use either half to grow your flowers.

You can as well switch it up and use both halves of the bottle in growing your house plant. While the bottom half stores the soil and water, the upper half hold up the plant. Show your creativity by arranging them beautifully in and out of the house.

Path Liner

Wine bottles come in handy in demarcating your backyard garden from the footpath. All you need is to bury them neatly by the edges of your garden or field to ensure people do not step on the grass or plants while walking through. Ensure that none of the bottles are broken to avoid any injuries. Using different colours of bottles will add ornamental beauty to your footpath as well.

Toothpick Holder

Your wine bottles can become a toothpick holder in the dining. Imagine the beauty of picking out food particles from your teeth after enjoying a meal of roast paired with a lovely Chardonnay wine. Split the mouth of your old wine bottle in a slant, chisel for smoothness and use the cork or cover to seal it. Place your toothpicks in them and it is set for use.

Candle Holder

Wine is already considered as the drink of romance. Why not go above the top by having a romantic dinner lit up with candles in old wine bottles? There are several ways to create your candle holder. Simply putting the candle through the mouth of the bottle is the most common. However, you can split your wine bottle in half, use the upper part to hold the candle, while the bottom part (with the base cut open) can protect the candle light from wind.


Wine Bottle Chandelier |
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6 Amazing Ways to Recycle Your Old Wine Bottle

Posted on 01 15, 2018

A bottle of wine is one of the most pleasurable sights in the world for...

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About Servings Per Bottle of Wine: Sizes of Wine & the Best Ways to Serve Them at Your Party

About Servings Per Bottle of Wine: Sizes of Wine & the Best Ways to Serve Them at Your Party |


To manage an event or simply ensure you drink responsibly, you need to know all about proper wine serving and dining etiquette. Wine lovers need to be informed on these to maintain a healthy relationship with, and gain the required understanding of wine. Below are a few pointers to help you do it all right.

On Wine Bottles

Wine ages better the larger the bottle. This is why Magnums of table wine and jeroboams of champagne are so impressive. A standard bottle of wine holds 750ml. These bottles contain roughly 25.4 ounces of wine which is approximately six glasses, meaning two people at dinner can enjoy three glasses each.

Sizes Based on a 750ml Bottle of Wine

  • Split: A quarter-size bottle (2 glasses)
  • Pint: Half a standard bottle (3 glasses)
  • Standard: A 750ml bottle (6 glasses)
  • Magnum: Two bottles (12 glasses)
  • Jeroboam: Four champagne bottles (24 glasses)
  • Rehoboam: Six champagne bottles (36 glasses)
  • Methuselah: Eight champagne bottles (48 glasses)
  • Salmanazar: Twelve champagne bottles (72 glasses)
  • Balthazar: Sixteen champagne bottles (96 glasses)
  • Nebuchadnezzar: Twenty champagne bottles (120 glasses)

How many bottles of wine should I buy for my party?

When deciding the number of wine bottles to buy for your party, buy more wine than is needed, and allow for slight overages. In other words, always calculate on the basis of five glasses of wine per 750ml bottle, rather than six. Before making your purchase, check with your source if the unopened wine bottles are refundable.

To ascertain the number of wine bottles to purchase, remember that a glass is filled no more than half full, or 4 ounces. One bottle serves six people a 4-ounce drink; two bottles serve twelve people; three bottles serve eighteen people. Again, allow for overages by having extra bottles handy.

The number of servings per bottle is largely determined by when the drink is taken. Aperitifs are served before meals when guests are thirsty. You should plan on five to six servings per bottle. If you want champagne served as an aperitif, allow two glasses of champagne per person.

The amount of table wine you need depends on the number of courses you want served with the meal and the length of time your guests are seated at the dinner table. Go with the following instructions:

  • If you want a multi-course meal for your guest, usually, one glass of white wine and two glasses of red wine are served. A minimum of three glasses of wine is poured per person for a total of 12 ounces per guest.
  • For simple meals, two glasses of wine are normally served per person, or a total of 8 ounces of wine per guest.
  • At your luncheon, one and a half glasses of wine or 4 to 6 ounces per person will do.
  • When serving champagne as a table wine, three glasses per person will suffice.
  • If you want to serve a dessert wine, one glass is sufficient. Based on a 3-ounce serving, a bottle of dessert wine holds approximately eight glasses.
  • Serving champagne with dessert? Here, one glass per guest is ample.
  • Following dessert and coffee, guests usually have little appetite or thirst, and a liqueur or cordial is offered in a small glass. Liqueur and cordial bottles hold roughly sixteen servings, a figure based on 1 ½ ounces per guest.
  • The average serving of brandy consists of an ounce or two. Generally one drink is served, and the average bottle of brandy holds around twelve servings based on a 2-ounce drink.


About Servings Per Bottle of Wine: Sizes of Wine & the Best Ways to Serve Them at Your Party |

About Servings Per Bottle of Wine: Sizes of Wine & the Best Ways to Serve Them at Your Party

Posted on 02 23, 2017

Introduction To manage an event or simply ensure you drink responsibly, you need to know...

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