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What You Should Be Drinking for Christmas 2018

Posted on 12 18, 2018

Christmas comes with a lot of excitement - carols, concerts, festivals, parties, lots of eating...

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Diageo Launches Ciroc Summer Colada & Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years in Lagos

Posted on 12 17, 2018

Diageo has launched two new varieties of its premium vodka and whisky brands - Ciroc...

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Scotch Whisky | www.drinks.ng
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$1 Million Whisky Sets New World Record

Posted on 05 21, 2018

Think you would spend over $1 million on a bottle of whisky? If you won't...

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Whiskey or Whisky | www.drinks.ng

Whisky & Aging: Everything You Should Know

Posted on 05 18, 2018

The maturation period of whiskey, which involves aging the liquor in wooden barrels, is one of...

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World Whiskies Awards 2018 | www.drinks.ng
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World Whiskies Awards 2018 – The Full List of Winners

Posted on 03 23, 2018

The Whisky Magazine Awards dinner held in London on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 and the...

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Cognac and Whisky | www.drinks.ng

Grapes vs Grains: The difference between Cognac and Whisky

Posted on 03 07, 2018

Jamie and Deolu walked into the bar after a long Wednesday meeting, and the bald...

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Jane Walker | www.drinks.ng
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Johnnie Walker Launches ‘Jane Walker’ Whisky To Celebrate Women’s Rights

Posted on 02 28, 2018

Diageo-owned whisky brand Johnnie Walker has launched a new limited edition whisky to coincide with...

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does-alcohol-make-you-attractive | www.drinks.ng

Does Alcohol Make You More Attractive to Others?

Posted on 02 19, 2018

Alcohol is capable of many things including the ability to make us immediately appear more...

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Japanese Whisky | www.drinks.ng

5 Differences Between Japanese Whisky and Scotch Whisky

Posted on 02 13, 2018

Japanese Whisky is relatively young when compared to Scotch Whisky, but has already made so...

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scotch-whisky | www.drinks.ng

#InternationalScotchDay: 5 Things You Should Know About Scotch Whisky

Posted on 02 09, 2018

Scotch is a VIP member of the whisky family. It is considered as the most...

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