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Why Whiskey is the Best Drink to Serve on Ice


Having a drink on ice is refreshing, but what many don’t know is that the ice we get served at bars contain bacteria that only whiskey can kill.

Vodka may be the preferred base for most cocktails, but a study published in the Annals of Microbiology has found that whiskey kills ice bacteria more effectively than clear liquors. That means whiskey is the safest spirit to drink on ice.

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The research was carried out by Italian scientists who took 60 ice cube samples from home, restaurant, bar, and industrial sources, and found 52 strains of bacteria corresponding to 31 different species.

Considering the number of cocktails consumed daily, the stats are particularly troubling. While we may be able to take care of the cleanliness of our freezers at home, there is very little we can do about the ice chests and freezers at bars, restaurants, and lounges.

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The research involved an intentional contamination of ice cubes with four most common strains of bacteria found by the researchers. Vodka, whiskey, a Martini, peach tea, tonic water, and coke were then mixed with the ice. What researchers found out is that while alcohol, CO2, and acidic pH levels consistently reduced the presence of bacteria, whiskey was the only liquid that eliminated all 4 strains of bacteria in the ice. The study finalised that in addition to the alcohol in whiskey, its higher acidity contributed to killing all of the bacterial strains in the ice.

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It turns out that the reason whiskey does better against the bacteria is that it has a lower pH when compared to vodka and other clear spirits. So when next you want to show off your mixology skills, you might as well just go for a bottle of Jameson or Glenmorangie, and make yourself a Whiskey Sour.


Why Whiskey is the Best Drink to Serve on Ice

Posted on 01 30, 2018

Having a drink on ice is refreshing, but what many don't know is that the...

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5 Myths About Whiskey Debunked

Whiskey or Whisky | www.drinks.ng

There are several myths surrounding one of the world’s best spirit drinks – whiskey. From biased views like it being an old man’s drink to which is better between blended and single malts, the myths keep piling up.

However, whiskey is a beautiful drink. It is meant to be savoured as long as one is of the legal drinking age and has the purchasing power.

Here are 5 Whiskey Myths You Should Knock Off


Go for flavour, not age

Many people are quick to believe that the older the whiskey, the better. That is not the case as different whiskey is more particular about flavour and style, than age. The flavour is made for you to enjoy; the style, for you to appreciate. The age does bring a unique taste to it, but it still boils down to flavour and style


Drink as you prefer

Unnecessary rules like not adding a splash of water, don’t serve on ice, and drinking it straight not dirty, should not stop one from enjoying his whiskey. The drink is made for your enjoyment without any particular interest as to how you decide to. These rules are a whole big myth about the drink.

Single malt is better than blended whiskey

No! None is better than the other. Single malt refers to whiskey that comes from one distillery, while blended whiskey uses a single malt as its base, but it is blended with grain whiskies from various distilleries. Blended whiskey only came about because of the commercial surge of whiskey, and the fact that single malt follows the traditional pot still distillation process does not make the taste superior. What is most important is the person drinking the whiskey and the his/her preference. So be it single malt or blended whiskey, pour it, drink it and savour the experience.

You cannot pair with food

There is no constitution that says that. Just because whiskey is hot drink does not mean it cannot be paired with food as many are misled to understand. It is not only wine that you can pair with food, whiskey can go with that special delicacy as well.

Whiskey or Whisky | www.drinks.ng

5 Myths About Whiskey Debunked

Posted on 01 15, 2018

There are several myths surrounding one of the world's best spirit drinks - whiskey. From...

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