Weird Uses of Champagne

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5 Weird Uses of Champagne in History

Marilyn Monroe Weird Uses of Champagne; Champagne Bath |

It is more than just another drink.

Champagne is known for its traditional use in celebrations and parties, but there are several other times when it has been used for something other than drinking.

Some of these weird uses of one of the world’s most famous alcoholic beverage were one time occasions, other have become ritualistic and symbolic in their practices.

There are many times that this sparkling and bubbly drink has been used for some other reason, other than drinking, but we bring five of the weirdest usages you can think of.

  1. Used in Ship Launching

Before a ship sails off into the sea, it is usually hit on by a bottle of alcohol – usually champagne. This is a rite performed to bring safe voyages and seafaring for the ship and its occupants.

A rope is tied to the ship and to the champagne neck in such a way that when the ship moves, the rope swings and brings the champagne bottle to smash against the body of the ship, while its contents empty into the sea.

This tradition is not only done for ships alone but also involves the launching of airplanes too.

  1. Sports Celebrations

A tradition started in the 1967’s during a Formula 1 victory ceremony of Dan Gurney and A. J. Foyt after winning the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans. Gurney, rather than drink from the champagne gift handed to him, shook the bottle vigorously, his thumb pressed against the open top, and then removing his thumb, he sprayed the contents on spectators and Foyt.

Gurney’s move sparked a tradition that is still in vogue even to this day in Formula One and has quickly spread to other sports where athletes bath each other with champagne in celebration of a major success – the trophy of no trophy.

  1. U2 Concerts

Irish rock band, U2, have been known to end their concerts by spraying bottles of champagne on the audience before leaving the stage. Whatever this means to the music group, we have no idea but it is certainly a version of the weird use of champagne other than drinking.

  1. Sinking

Champagne sinking is a tradition that results from the ban placed on spraying people with champagne in Sweden. As a result, the sparkling wine is poured down the sink in what is now referred to as ‘sinking.’

Wikipedia explains that “the sinking is usually done by a person ordering two bottles of champagne and asking the bartender to pour out (sink) one of them.”

So sinking is a more civil of the wasteful spraying of champagne.

  1. Marilyn Monroe’s Champagne Bath

This was a one-time thing but it is one of the weirdest uses of champagne you can ever think of.

Marilyn is reported to have taken a bath in 350 bottles’ – worth of champagne – that’s 262.5 litres, which would fill an average bath of 270 litres to the brim.

Now that was one bath that will forever go down as weird and interesting in history.

Marilyn Monroe Weird Uses of Champagne; Champagne Bath |

5 Weird Uses of Champagne in History

Posted on 01 29, 2018

It is more than just another drink. Champagne is known for its traditional use in...

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