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Diageo Launches Ciroc Summer Colada & Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years in Lagos

Posted on 12 17, 2018

Diageo has launched two new varieties of its premium vodka and whisky brands - Ciroc...

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Vodka and Gin |

Know the Difference Between Vodka and Gin

Posted on 03 15, 2018

Vodka vs Gin Comparison Vodka and gin are two of the world's most popular spirit...

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Vodka-Drinks |
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5 Drinks You Can Mix With Vodka to Make Classic Cocktails

Posted on 02 28, 2018

Vodka has become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages used in creating various cocktail...

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Body Shot |
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Looking for a Drinking Game? Try Body Shots

Posted on 02 26, 2018

Doing body shots is a true party turn on. It takes ordinary drinking into a...

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Drinking_Alcohol_and_Exercise |

Did You Know Moderate Drinking Makes You Live Longer than Exercise?

Posted on 02 21, 2018

Regular exercise is said to make one live to a ripe old age, but it...

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does-alcohol-make-you-attractive |

Does Alcohol Make You More Attractive to Others?

Posted on 02 19, 2018

Alcohol is capable of many things including the ability to make us immediately appear more...

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10 Vodka Facts You Probably Never Knew

Posted on 01 30, 2018

Vodka is such an amazing drink - colourless, lower in flavour (except for flavoured vodka), high-test...

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Vodka |

Do You Know Where Vodkas Come From?

Posted on 01 15, 2018

Vodka is one of the world's most popular spirit drink. It is considered one of...

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Truths_About_Alcohol |

5 Truths You Never Knew About Alcohol

Posted on 01 15, 2018

Like every other aspect of human activity, drinking alcohol comes with its own myths which...

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Great Cocktails You Can Make with Vodka |
Posted inCocktail Corner

Great Cocktails You Can Make With Vodka: Their ingredients and how to mix them

Posted on 02 09, 2017

Vodka is a favourite when it comes to mixed drinks because it tastes at least...

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