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10 Vodka Facts You Probably Never Knew


Vodka is such an amazing drink – colourless, lower in flavour (except for flavoured vodka), high-test and a natural base for cocktails. The purity of the drink has made it stand out among spirit drinks.

From the simple mixes of vodka and cranberry or with energy drinks, it is normal to find a bottle of vodka on more than one table in a lounge, nightclub or bar.

However, as much as we consume this special spirit, there is a lot that we may not know about vodka.

Vodka Facts

1. Vodka and Whiskey are namesakes

Vodka is actually gotten from the Slavic word for water, voda. Whiskey comes from the Gaelic uisge beatha, or “water of life.” Meaning both vodka and whiskey share the same meaning, just that whiskey is more attuned to being a curative drink. However, vodka also has its own health benefits too.

2. Vodka can be used medicinally

In the early days, just like most spirit drinks, vodka was sold as a possible cure for many ailments including infertility. Today, it has been proven to soothe a jellyfish sting, help disinfect the wound and alleviate some of the pain. It can also be used in disinfecting a toothache and preventing poison ivy.

3. It can be used domestically

More than just being used to clean wounds and cuts, vodka can also be used to clean home appliances. A soft, clean cloth moistened with vodka can be used to shine chrome, glass, and porcelain fixtures.

4. Vodka has a day

October 4th is National Vodka Day in the US. The drink is also celebrated globally on the same day.

5. It was once used in battle

Some historical sources claim that vodka was used to make gunpowder by the Swedish in the 15th century. Just like most spirit drinks, it is inflammable.

6. It goes bad

Vodka is not one of those wines you can age for years – it does go bad. As opposed to common belief, vodka is meant to be consumed within the first 12 months of its production date.

7. Chilling vodka makes it taste better

Putting vodka in the fridge before drinking is not just about having a cold drink. Vodka is usually made to a 40% ABV, sometimes higher, with a lot of heat. However, when taken cold, the heat has been mellowed, allowing certain viscosity and the richness of the spirit to come out.

8. Good for flowers

Vodka can help make your flowers at home stay fresher for longer. Just mix a few drops of vodka with a teaspoon of sugar and sprinkle on the flower.

9. It has health benefits

Drinking vodka moderately keeps cholesterol and arteries healthy. It is also a remedy against cold sore and fever, prevents stroke, heart attack, and Alzheimer’s. Vodka also helps human metabolism.

10. Italians have something to do with it

Although the Russians and the Polish have argued over who was the first to make vodka, history has it that the first version was actually brought to Russia by Italians early in the 15th century.


10 Vodka Facts You Probably Never Knew

Posted on 01 30, 2018

Vodka is such an amazing drink - colourless, lower in flavour (except for flavoured vodka), high-test...

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