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Guinness DRINKIQ Workshop

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Drinks.ng’s partner Guinness Nigeria announces plans to roll out DRINKIQ workshops to University of Lagos Students

Guinness Nigeria has always taken their responsibilities to promote sensible drinking seriously and have recently “put their money were their mouth is!”  The Beer Giant has recently announced their plans to roll out their bespoke DRINKIQ workshop to first year students of the University of Lagos. DRINKIQ is a pilot scheme which will take this interactive platform to the segment of the community who are most in need of guidance on sensible drinking!

The DRINKIQ model seeks to educate students on the effects of binge drinking and alcoholism, seeking to furnish the first year students with the knowledge and information they require to learn to handle alcohol with care. These workshops will also endow the students with information on the adverse effects that drinking to excess can have on your body and your overall health.

As Guinness Nigeria’s online partner, we at drinks.ng are delighted to endorse this endeavour as it is outstanding example of an organization with a social conscience. The first DRINKIQ workshop was carried out during orientation week amongst first year students at the University of Lagos and it was a resounding success!

The Keynote speaker at the initial session was Mrs. Adrianne Nwagwu, (Head of Sustainability and Responsibility for Guinness Nigeria) who confirmed that main purpose of implementing the DRINK interactive workshops was to minimize the number of cases of alcohol abuse and its repercussions amongst university students: “As a company that produces alcoholic beverages, we want to ensure that people consume and enjoy alcoholic beverages the right way, at the right age, and at the right time; and also to reduce significantly, the unwanted effects of alcohol misuse on individuals and our environment”.

Mrs, Nwagwu further emphasized the importance of ‘knowing your limit’ and not being coerced by friends to drink more than you can handle and further amplified that the legal drinking age in Nigeria is 18. During the workshop she advocated a common sense approach, giving practical examples of “sensible drinking techniques” such as: “part of making responsible drinking decisions is that if you must drink at all, endeavour to alternate alcoholic drinks with water because it helps to keep you refreshed. In addition to this, eating before or whilst drinking is also good as it helps to reduce the speed of alcohol absorption. You must also avoid mixing different drinks in order to keep track of your alcohol intake and you must never be involved in drink driving”.

Professor Olukayode Amund, (Dean of Academic Affairs at the University of Lagos) welcomed the pilot scheme, praising Guinness Nigeria for their social conscience: “It is not often that we see an alcoholic beverage manufacturer coming to educate people in how to drink responsibly. We are very pleased to have you here today and we look forward to a closer working relationship with you”.

Additionally, Guinness Nigeria has produced accompanying written materials on sensible drinking and the adverse affects of drinking. They have made these materials readily available to the university, supplying them to the counselling teams and enabling the university to upload the materials to their intranet in order to extend their reach to second and third year students.

For more information on Guinness Nigeria’s DRINKIQ workshops read the full article at: http://worldstagegroup.com/index.php?active=news&newscid=14284&catid=37

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By Stephanie Murphy


whats you DrinkIQ | www.drinks.ng
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Guinness DRINKIQ Workshop

Posted on 02 26, 2016

Drinks.ng’s partner Guinness Nigeria announces plans to roll out DRINKIQ workshops to University of Lagos...

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