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Ever Had a Beer Brewed With Fried Chicken in it?

Fried Fried Chicken Chicken |

Chicken and Beer is nothing new to regular beer drinkers as it is on top of the menu for bars and lounges who serve beer.

The tradition of drinking friend chicken with beer was made even more popular in 2003 by hip hop artiste Ludacris who released his third studio album with the title, “Chicken-n-Beer.”

However, a new wave of creativity has caught up with brewers of craft beer who have decided to blend both beer and fried chicken together.

No kidding, but The Veil Brewing Co. and Evil Twin Brewing have introduced the Fried Fried Chicken Chicken beer, and it contains real chicken.

Among the different categories of beer, craft beer brewers seem to be the only ones willing to test the limit of creativity in satisfying their customers. We have heard of craft beer made with weed (marijuana) oysters and even severed bull testicles (yuck!). But one with a special love for chicken was not birthed till The Veil Brewing Co. and Evil Twins came together to give life in this new beer.

we told you chicken was the theme of the day ???? #friedfriedchickenchicken

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Why create a beer with fried chicken?

The idea to create the beer came up after “eating a significant amount of fried chicken at various establishments in Richmond,” a Facebook post explains.

How much fried chicken are we ‘drinking’?

Only a very small amount of fried chicken (Chick-fil-A chicken) goes into one of two of the mashes used to make the beer. This is less than 0.4% of the total weight of the mash contents, which means the beer won’t come out tasting like friend chicken.

How does the beer taste?

The Craft beer brims with aromatic goodness with notes of citrus and pine, with a good amount of froth that reminds you it is beer that has been served you. It has a Double IPA that registers at 8% ABV.

When does the beer hit the stalls?

The beer has already been debuted on Tuesday and is only available on draft at Veil’s brewey and  tap room in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

And how much is the price?

The brew is available for a limited run in 16-ounce cans. A four pack costs $18.50, that is about N6,800.

Not the first time

This is not the first time Evil Twin Brewery and The Veil Brewing Co.  will be launching weird-flavoured drinks. The Evil Twin already has the Imperial Doughnut Break (made with donuts) and Pils al Pastor (made with pineapple, lime and ancho chili). The Veil Brewing on their boasts of The Hornswoggler ( made with Oreos) launched earlier this year.



Fried Fried Chicken Chicken |
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Ever Had a Beer Brewed With Fried Chicken in it?

Posted on 08 11, 2017

Chicken and Beer is nothing new to regular beer drinkers as it is on top...

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