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5 Rosé Wine Questions Answered

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The craze surrounding rosé wines is almost assuming a cult-like following with many millennials opting for the pink-hued wine at weddings, parties and other social functions.

Rosé wines offer a light refreshing feeling which matches any occasion and suits the sweet palate of the 21st-century wine drinker.

However, while you enjoy the amazing flavours of the rose wine, there are a few things you should know to stand you out among your peers.

1. Where does Rosé get its colour?

Rosé wines do not only get their colour from the mixing of red and white wines. While some producers adopt the method of adding a little red wine to white wine to make rose, others have stuck to the traditional method. That latter involves the immersion of the skin of red grapes in the wine for a short period of time (typically anywhere from 2 to 20 hours). The sooner the grape skins are removed, the lighter the rosé will be; the longer they are allowed to sit in the wine, the deeper pink the rosé.

2. Can I age my Rose?

Wine aging is believed to make the wine taste better. However, for Rose wines, it is best to drink it within 3 years of purchase. Rose does not have the same amount of tannins contained in red wines to enable it to age properly. Even some red wines are no longer capable of aging for long due to the need for commercial production.

3. Can I use Rose Wine for Cocktail?

Rose wines can be used to create a mean cocktail, it all depends on the skills of you mixologist or bartender. Rose can be used in making any style of cocktails, especially when considering most roses are rich in honeydew melon, citrus and rhubarb.

4. What food can I pair it with?

Rose is not selective when it comes to food pairing. From spicy Indian meals, to salads, pizzas and rich burgers, rose is a perfect pair. For those in love with tradtional African dishes, your rose wine pairs beautifully with melon (egusi) soup.

5. What is the best temperature?

Agreed that rosé is awesome when served chilled but there is no wrong in drinking it warm – the flavours are still released, just differently. Because of the casual nature of rosé, you can add ice to it before drinking.

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5 Rosé Wine Questions Answered

Posted on 02 20, 2018

The craze surrounding rosé wines is almost assuming a cult-like following with many millennials opting for...

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Five Popular Rosé Wines in Nigeria You Should Drink

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Rosé wines are traditionally made from red grapes, and obtain their colour from a brief contact with grape skins. However, some new rosés are made by adding a little red wine to white wine.

Whether it is a pale pink or a translucent red, rosés are some of the most sought after drinks in the market. They are usually referred to as pink wines, and are said to be more popular among female wine lovers, but there is no missing a gentleman having a fill of the ever sweet rose.

The popularity of the drink means that it should become a regular option on your menu as it serves for a great part of family dinners, romantic dates, beach picnics and simple low-scale hangout with friends.

So here a re five great rosés you should drink before the end of the year:

Carlo Rossi Rosé

Good wines do not have to be that expensive, that is one of the selling points of the E & J Gallo Winery, makers of Carlo Rossi wines. Going by that, this rose wine offers so much goodness for its relatively affordable price. Laced with exciting flavours of fresh strawberries and sweet cherries, it exudes a taste of love, which makes it a perfect drink for that special romantic date.

The Carlo Rossi Rosé pairs exceedingly well with dishes of meat and fish and fruit desserts, meaning you can have the wine along with a special meal in your favourite restaurant.  For the sake of its price and its alluring colour and taste, this one rosé wine you should be drinking.

Andre Rosé

The deep-coloured sparkling Carlifornia rose wine is another refreshing drink that is also pocket friendly.  A blend of of crisp white and succulent red grapes, André Rose, is a slightly sweeter wine with a fruity bouquet, overtones of white fruit, with a hint of apple and palate-pleasing cranberry notes. It has a smooth and refreshing taste which allows for pairing with spicy meals.

Martini Rosé

A sparkling rosé wine from the Martini family, this special wine offers an aromatic bouquet of rose, wild strawberry and raspberry with a hint of black pepper. The richness of the taste makes it one of the top rose wines you should be drinking. Made from Moscato, Prosecco and Brachetto grapes, this Italian sparkling wine Comes a beautiful soft pink in colour and tastes as lovely as it looks.

It pairs well with rich, creamy cheeses or with fruits like peaches and apricots.

Dourthe #1 Bordeaux Rose

Bordeaux makes the finest of wines and the Dourthe #1 Rose is among the best from the rich wine region. This rose wine is distinctively different with a complex, yet a refreshingly sharp taste. Pale pink in colour, the wine has lingering blueberry, grapefruit notes, while the acidity and richness on the palate harmonise to remarkable effect. You should be reaching for your wallet about now to buy this excellent rose wine.

B & G Cuvee Speciale Rose

Elegance, fruity and fresh notes, and an aromatic scent are one of the premium reasons why you should have a taste of this rose wine. The salmon-pink and bright coloured wine pairs well with salads, pizzas, spicy dishes and grilled meat. It is best served chilled, 8 – 10°C.


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Five Popular Rosé Wines in Nigeria You Should Drink

Posted on 08 15, 2017

Rosé wines are traditionally made from red grapes, and obtain their colour from a brief...

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