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5 Cool Drink Gadgets You Should Take on a Picnic

Picnics are cool getaways for both family and friends, and usually feature food and most especially drinks.

There is certainly no issues with hitting the beach, the park, museum or your chosen picnic spot with bottles of your favourite drinks. However, there are certain gadgets that will make your picnic experience way cooler than you imagined.


Coolers are a must-carry when it comes to picnics. In fact, it should be the first thing on the alongside your food flasks and mats. They are various types of coolers in the market to help keep your drinks chilled though out the picnic. A rideable cooler makes all the statement for your picnic.

Plastic Cups

We are already used to the sight of the plastic red cups which adorn house and poolside parties. However, you can kick up your picnic by getting colourful beach glasses that can float on water and also stand up in sand. There is no crime in being too cool for your picnic.

Plastic Ice Cubes

Regular ice cubes are ‘cool’ in every sense of the word, but plastic ice cubes take your picnic a step further. Not only will they chill your cocktails and spirits, they are also reusable. All you need do is put them back in a freezer once the ice inside the plastic melts. For the good part, they take time before melting as the ice is not in direct contact with the drink.


Drink openers are way underrated when it comes to drink gadgets. Not only is it uncool to pop open a beer with your teeth, it is also not safe and healthy. So if you are really out to seduce that pretty colleague at an office picnic, show up with an opener that speaks volumes. There are various types of cool openers in the market. Green army bottle opener, feathery bottle opener, naked lady openers, pen openers are among the top types of openers you can take to a picnic. But how about a flip flop bottle opener? Not only is it hilarious, it will definitely serve as an interesting chat ‘opener’ if you know what I mean.


Flasks are cool. They help you control the amount of alcohol you take while also giving you the comfort of carrying it around. For your picnic, don’t just go with the usual hip flask, add some style. There are hip flasks that look like cameras, others that are designed like small luggage, and some others with cigar compartments. The choice is yours depending on your style.


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5 Cool Drink Gadgets You Should Take on a Picnic

Posted on 01 16, 2018

Picnics are cool getaways for both family and friends, and usually feature food and most...

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