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Why You Should Drink Organic Wines

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These days, everyone is going natural.  We want to be healthier and more chemical-free than ever. The women want to go back to home births and birth their young in the comfort of their own homes as it used to be. They would hold their bedposts and scream out their lungs while the husband paced the hallways, waiting for the shrill cry of the newborn. They want to go back to the hair texture they had at birth. No more relaxers and heat. The only heat they would let in is the natural heat of the Sun. The only curls allowed are the kinky type that declares them Africans and then, of course, the Bantu nuts, twist outs and the likes, not the curls created with tools of intense heat. The only body art everyone wants is the Henna body art made with natural herbs to nourish the skin while beautifying it.

These days, Herbal doctors and treatments are on the rise. Going to the hospital to see medical doctors is no longer the only option. Now, people understand that those drugs from the hospitals are processed herbs and when possible, it is best to get the herb and enjoy better results, many times with fewer side effects. Now, everyone knows that Healthy food is medicine. More and more people are embracing the philosophy of food as medicine, not just body fuel.

Eru, ogiri, okpeyi and other local spices are fast replacing the heavily processed ones. Ofada rice that was once the food of the poor is now the king of the show because Nigerians want healthy food. They do not want to just eat for eating sake, they want food that will work much harder than an ordinary body fuel. People are choosing Honey over sugar, Crayfish over seasoning cubes, unprocessed whole grains over processed, beautiful and empty grains.

It is no wonder that they would choose organic products that are healthy and free of harmful chemicals. If you thought to go healthy means forfeiting red wine, think again. You can still enjoy your favourite red wine, but this time around, it is organic red Italian wine you should be looking for. You need to look no further than Nigeria’s leading online drink store.

If you like the natural things of life that are free from chemicals, you will like Organic red Italian wines. They are healthy and pesticide free. They are produced with organically grown grapes in a manner that will not adversely affect the environment. In order to have organically grown grapes, a vineyard manager must implement an entirely different set of practices to maintain their vines.

Organic wines are also free from additives and do not contain sulfites. Just like regular red wine, the organic version also protects against heart disease and stroke, helps increase good cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol and helps prevent blood clots. Best of all, Organic red wines are higher in antioxidants than the regular red wine. In fact, the health benefits of red wines are increased in organic red wine. So drink organic.

Toast to health Red wine |
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Why You Should Drink Organic Wines

Posted on 03 09, 2018

These days, everyone is going natural.  We want to be healthier and more chemical-free than...

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