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#InternationalScotchDay: 5 Things You Should Know About Scotch Whisky

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Scotch is a VIP member of the whisky family. It is considered as the most popular whisky style in the world.

The first International Scotch Day, designed to be a global celebration of Scotch whisky, held 10 February, 2017. February 8, 2018, the event will enter its second year as Scotch whisky aims to gain more global relevance.

The idea was launched by premium spirit giants, Diageo, to mark the birthday of Alexander Walker, the son of the legendary John ‘Johnnie’ Walker and the man who exported his father’s whisky across the world.

However, as you join other lovers of Scotch whisky to celebrate all things scotch, here are five things you should always keep in mind about the drink.

It is different from other whiskies

All Scotch is whisky, but not all whisky is Scotch – that is a standard fact. Scotch Whisky only refers to whisky that is made in Scotland. It is a legal term the Scots came up with to protect their style of whisky.

Water and Scotch

When water is added to Scotch, it brings out the more floral notes and some of the more citrus notes. That is what is meant by opening up the whisky – it dilutes the alcohol, pushing down the heavier alcohols and allowing the lighter alcohols to come to the surface.

And when you add ice?

Ice also has a chemical reaction when added to a glass of whisky. It cools down some of the fatty oils in the whisky, letting fly a nose that tends to be much sweeter, lingering on the lighter of vanilla. Just like water (which ice is made from), it works on the darker, fattier, heavier notes, allowing the light ones to rise.

Here is how to drink it

Being a whisky of value, Scotch should be taken with finesse. Don’t just gulp the drink, or pour it down your throat without respect to the drink. Sip it, slightly chew the whisky around your mouth – do not swirl like a mouthwash. Keep it in your mouth for a couple seconds, then swallow. Take a deep breath in and out of your mouth, that way, you to get the best out of the whisky as the sweetness and floral notes linger at the front of your mouth. At the back of the palate, the oakier tannins are expressed.

The right glass

Every drink should be drunk out of the right glass. For Scotch whisky, go for glasses that come up to collect the flavor at the top. The tulip-shaped glass Glencairn glass is best designed for Scotch whisky. It aerates the alcohol vapours up, concentrating them so that you can better savour them.


scotch-whisky |

#InternationalScotchDay: 5 Things You Should Know About Scotch Whisky

Posted on 02 09, 2018

Scotch is a VIP member of the whisky family. It is considered as the most...

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