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Win Big in the Drinks.ng #Ridrinkulous End of Year Giveaway

#Ridrinkulous | www.drinks.ng

Nigeria’s premier online alcoholic drinks store, Drinks.ng is rewarding its customers with an amazing giveaway worth over N650,000 in drinks and free gifts. That is #ridrinkulous, right?

Up for grabs in the #ridrinkulous giveaway includes Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Red Label, XXIV Karat Gold, Pol Remy, Veuve du Vernay Ice RoseSkyy Vodka, Smirnoff X1 Chocolate vodka, American Honey, Hennessy keyrings, Bluetooth Speakers, branded headsets, gift bags and lots more.

How to enter

Follow Drinks.ng on any of their social media platforms, (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) click on the link in their bio and begin to take any of the following actions:
• Like, comment and share this video
• Repost, retweet and refer your friends to do same
The more actions you take, the higher your chances of winning. So take all the actions and refer as many friends as you can because if your friend wins, you are a winner too!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ridrinkulous

While you are at it, don’t forget to visit the website and check out some of our amazing deals and promos.

#Ridrinkulous | www.drinks.ng
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Win Big in the Drinks.ng #Ridrinkulous End of Year Giveaway

Posted on 12 24, 2018

Nigeria's premier online alcoholic drinks store, Drinks.ng is rewarding its customers with an amazing giveaway...

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5 Key Reasons Drink Brands Are Sponsoring Christmas Concerts

At_The Club_With_Remy | www.drinks.ng

Christmas is Nigeria’s ‘unofficial’ party season and major drink brands in the country are part of the reason behind that.

After all, what party is complete without a drink or two?

A look at the event calendar for December shows that major drink brands have partnered with event planners and big artists for some of the amazing concerts.

From Hennessy Artistry Grande Finale to Pepsi’s ‘Disemba’ line of events, there is always a major brand associated with a big concert.

So why do these drink brands sponsor these concerts?

  1. Sales

For the drink brands, the competition is always on who can make more sales. Drink brands like Hennessy, Johnnie Walker, Remy Martin and the rest leverage on these Christmas concerts as an avenue to sell off their products. It is normal to find vendors with stalls at these concerts selling drinks.

  1. Brand Visibility

From the posters, banners, radio, TV and outdoor advertorials that precede these concerts, more consumers begin to see and hear about the brands sponsoring these concerts. Christmas concerts have become like an advertorial showcase for these brands and it is interesting to see more and more brands jump on the roller coaster although there seems to be a bit of ‘copy-catting’ in this aspect.

  1. Brand Identity

Concerts create a unique identity for the drink brands. While Hennessy Artistry uses the avenue of music as a testimony to its unique blending style; At the Club with Remy Martin reveals the brand’s identity as enchanting cognac to enjoy in clubs and parties.

To each drink brand, its own identity and all are targeted to tuning in with the consumer base that tandems with its identity.

  1. Ambassadorial Deals

Some of the artists like Falz, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Timaya are celebrity ambassadors of most of these drink brands. It goes without saying that the brands will key into any concert organised by any of its ambassadors.

Smirnoff showed a good example when it partnered, alongside Pepsi for DJ Spinall’s Album party which held recently at the Oriental Hotel.

  1. Brand Experience

Music and drinks are wonderful companions when it comes to partying. There is a saying among social circles that “a glass or two helps you to understand the music better.” Drinks brands tag with these concerts to create the right experiential atmosphere for lovers and potential customers to interact with their products. For drink brands, Christmas concerts are like an open playground to build the fun side of their products on.

At_The Club_With_Remy | www.drinks.ng
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5 Key Reasons Drink Brands Are Sponsoring Christmas Concerts

Posted on 12 10, 2018

Christmas is Nigeria’s ‘unofficial’ party season and major drink brands in the country are part...

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Why You Should Shop From Drinks.ng This Christmas

christmas-drinks | www.drinks.ng

Drinks are an important part of the festivities that come with the Christmas season. Having the right drink in your glass is the exact juice you need to get your groove on this yuletide season.

With the malls filled to the entrance, Lagos traffic ever at its peak and the fear of falling victim to fake drinks, where will you be shopping for drinks this Christmas?

What you need is a trusted source that guarantees authentic drinks, stocks a wide range of brands at the most pocket-friendly price. You need a drinks store you can simply rely on.

Considering the above, here are top reasons why you should buy from Drinks.ng this Christmas.

Customer Friendly

We understand that satisfying our customers is key to a successful business, which is why our customer service reps are friendly and always ready to help you with your orders. Immediate on our Live chat, polite on the phone and quick with email replies, we leave everyone who buys from us feeling like ‘Drinks.ng is our friend’.

Little wonder why Idowu left this 5-star review:

“Really Great Service! Called last minute on Friday evening about 6:30pm to pick up drinks I just bought. They close at 6pm or so but the representative on the phone (a kind lady) made sure we got our drinks even though we got there about 7:35pm (last minute rushing). They were very accommodating even offering a drink while the car was coming to pick up. Really great service! Thanks –Idowu”

Best Prices Nationwide

Yes! Go and compare elsewhere, we have the most competitive and pocket-friendly prices across available nationwide. We are cheaper than every other online store and way more economical than the malls in your neighbourhood. You can’t find a better pricing for bottles and cartons elsewhere!

Quick & Efficient Delivery Service

We are not here to compete with Santa, but we can tell you that our delivery service is faster than his Red-nosed Reindeer. No! We ain’t kidding at all. Within Lekki and Victoria Island, we deliver under 24-hours from the time the order is confirmed. For other parts of Lagos, you will find your orders under the Christmas tree within 48 hours.

Godwin here knows better:

“Ordered all I needed without issues. Chose the transfer to bank option. Biggest shock was that delivery happened same day (about 6 hrs later). Awesome!”

Nationwide Delivery Service

If you are travelling home this Christmas, you will definitely need bottles of wine for your many cousins, mature whiskies for your dad and Mazi Okoro which is where Drinks.ng comes in.

Drinks.ng work with excellent courier service to providers to make sure that your products get to you anywhere in Nigeria. Remember that deliveries outside Lagos take 3-5 working days depending on distance.

Amazing Deals & Gifts

At Drinks.ng, there is an array of amazingly FREE gifts that come with every purchase you make. We are talking branded headsets, Bluetooth speakers, 24 Apparel hats, mini bottles, flash drives, sunglasses and lots more! We are never short of mouth-watering deals and our Promos and Gifts page is a testament to our generosity. That means you don’t just buy to drinks for drinking sake, you can buy as a gift for friends and family.

Authentic Drinks

This is a guarantee as we buy directly from the companies who own these drink brands or from their approved distributors. What does this mean? A bottle of Hennessy or a case of Moet & Chandon purchased from our store is as authentic as the word itself.

As a proof of authenticity, the brand owners themselves are never shy of working with us in terms of promos and customer education experiences.

Saves You Time & Money

Ordering from us means you don’t only get drinks at the best prices, we also save you the time you would spend driving all the way to the market or mall to get the drinks yourself. So if you believe ‘time is money’, then you will understand that we are saving your money for you on a double level.

We Work Weekends & Public Holidays

If you are the type that waits till it’s Christmas weekend to do your shopping, we are here for you as we also work on weekends.

Secret? There will be someone to pick your call and deliver to you even if you decide to order on Christmas morning.

Dipset was not only happy with our quick response, he thinks it’s impressive that we work on weekends too so he left this review:

“Your service was fast. I haven’t even finished ordering online before one of your representatives called me to assist me with my order. And you work on weekends. That’s a plus..”


What are you waiting for? Place your order now on Drinks.ng  for authentic champagnes, wines and spirit. We are waiting to add extra merriment to your Christmas.


christmas-drinks | www.drinks.ng
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Why You Should Shop From Drinks.ng This Christmas

Posted on 12 05, 2018

Drinks are an important part of the festivities that come with the Christmas season. Having...

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Prices of Hennessy in Nigeria

Prices of Hennessy | www.drinks.ng

Hennessy is arguably the world’s most popular cognac brand, selling about 50 million bottles per year globally which accounts for more than 40% of the world’s cognac yearly.

To view our wide range of Hennessy products, please click here.

Brief History of Hennessy

The Hennessy cognac distillery was founded by Richard Hennessy, an Irishman, in 1965. In the 1970s, Kilian Hennessy, a fifth generation direct descendant of Hennessy, became CEO, succeeding his first cousin Maurice-Richard. Kilian Hennessy led the company’s 1971 merger with Moët et Chandon, creating Moët Hennessy.

In 1987, Moët Hennessy merged with Louis Vuitton, and this resulted in one of the world’s largest luxury brand conglomerates, Louis Vuitton Moët-Hennessy or LVMH. In 1988, the group was taken over by Bernard Arnault, owner of the Christian Dior, with the support of Guinness.

Varieties of Hennessy

  • Hennessy No.1
  • Hennessy Black
  • Hennessy V.S.O.P
  • Hennessy White
  • Hennessy V.S
  • Fine de Cognac
  • Hennessy X.O
  • Deutschland Moet Hennessy
  • Pure White
  • Private Reserve
  • Hennessy Paradis
  • Hennessy Diptyque
  • Richard Hennessy
  • Hennessy Prive (Travel Retail Exclusive)
  • Hennessy Library
  • Timeless (2000 units produced)
  • Ellipse (2000 units produced)
  • Hennessy VVVV (1860)
  • Beauté du Siècle (100 units produced, in chest)

Latest Prices of Hennessy in Nigeria

How much is a bottle of Hennessy? And how much is a carton of Hennessy?

Below are the recent prices of Hennessy cognac:

Product Size Amount in Carton

Unit Price (NGN)

Carton Price (NGN)
Hennessy VS

35 cl




Hennessy VS  70 cl




Hennessy VSOP  70 cl




Hennessy XO 70 cl





Prices of Hennessy | www.drinks.ng
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Prices of Hennessy in Nigeria

Posted on 02 08, 2017

Hennessy is arguably the world's most popular cognac brand, selling about 50 million bottles per...

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The Black History of Hennessy: A Trendsetter’s Story #BlackHistoryMonth

The Black History of Hennessy: A Trendsetter's Story | www.drinks.ng

It’s Black History Month. This annual celebration of achievements by the black Americans also known as National African American History Month is generally dedicated to recognising the central role of African Americans in United States history and if there is one drink which has played an equally central role in the growth of the African American community, that drink is Hennessy.

The middle-aged African American of today will more often than not identify the legendary centuries-old cognac brand as one they have known since childhood because grandpa drank the dark liquor often, and the one that saw them through college while they were still one of the cool ones. While men are typically seen drinking cognac in black culture, women also indulge in the adult beverage and even with cognac coming in a variety of labels such as Martell and Remy Martin, Hennessy is the most popular cognac in African American History. Thus, it’s become synonymous with hip-hop music and African Americans. But where did this trend come from in the first place?

Most articles seem to agree that rap head Busta Rhymes’ song “Pass the Courvoisier” is the historical marker of the time when cognac consumption in the Black American community reached its peak, but this isn’t true. Busta Rhymes wasn’t doing anything new. Black Americans had been “passing” the cognac for decades before the single came out early in the new millennium, and they were doing it because Hennessy was one of the first spirit brands to devote all resources in the minority audience.

Cognac was born in the southwest region of France when Dutch sailors needed ways to carry their wine along with them on long voyages. By the 18th and 19th centuries, the “new burnt wine” was being regularly exported to Asia, America, England and Holland. Slate has revealed in a recent article that African Americans first documented consumption of cognac while travelling through France as World War II raged.

After the war, Hennessy targeted black publications – a rare and risky gamble, considering the time. This was the 1950s and Hennessy was one of the first brands to feature adverts with black models in the famous Ebony and Jets magazines. But the company didn’t stop there. It was also a leader in hiring Black Americans in ranks of leadership. During the height the United States’ civil rights movement, in 1963, Hennessy brought on 1942 bronze medal Olympian Herb Douglass and he was with the company for more than three decades, serving as Vice President of Urban Market Development. Douglass was merely the third African American to reach the level of vice president of a major national corporation.

Could Hennessy have foreseen a market now often referred to as “the most brand-loyal” with a buying power of $1.2 trillion in 2015? Well, it certainly made the moves required to achieve these. With generations since, it’s seemed a natural progression as the trend continued into the 1990s and 2000s.

The West Africans disseminated information using music even before slavery. The West African “griot”, a storyteller, singer, musician and historian kept records of the village’s events and passed the stories to the next generation.  When slavery came, music was used not only to preserve history but to send messages of freedom and of obtaining the freedom. The words in Black American songs have always carried so much weight, and today, Hennessy is mentioned in countless songs by famed artists like Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Dr Dre, Kanye West, 50 Cent and many more. This kind of product placement or endorsement is priceless. It’s worked so well because those of us who listen to hip-hop are attracted to glamorous parts of our favourite artists’ lifestyle and liquor is a part of that.

Hennessy has continued to embrace and capitalise on the influence the hip-hop artists are having over the fans. For example, in 2015, to celebrate its 250th anniversary, Hennessy named legendary hip-hop artist Nas its brand ambassador. Since Hennessy’s success in this niche, rap artists and their lyrics have become a key marketing strategy for targeting mainstream America. LL Cool J featured in that Gap commercial in 1997, and most notably, Pusha T wrote McDonald’s famous “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle. Poindexter has reported that strategic endorsement or song mention from a hip-hop artist can translate into higher sales for a brand or company. Apparently, the urban culture icons attract a diverse millennial generation that grew up on rap music.

Today in United States, the black community’s buying power is expected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020. Any brand not considering this audience certainly won’t be doing its best in the market. To be successful in this market, they will all need to follow Hennessy’s lead.

The Black History of Hennessy: A Trendsetter's Story | www.drinks.ng

The Black History of Hennessy: A Trendsetter’s Story #BlackHistoryMonth

Posted on 02 07, 2017

It’s Black History Month. This annual celebration of achievements by the black Americans also known...

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Timaya Signs Deal with Hennessy Nigeria as Brand ambassador

Hennessy signs Timaya as Brand Ambassador | www.drinks.ng

Hennessy Signs Timaya as Brand Ambassador

Timaya has signed an endorsement deal to become brand ambassador to Hennessy Nigeria Tuesday afternoon.

“Another one! Son of Grace…” the singer wrote on Instagram as he shared a picture of him signing the endorsement deal, with the hashtag #HennessyAmbassador.

Timaya, whose full name is Inetimi Alfred Odon, is one of Nigeria’s most consistent artists with a number of albums that have seen him experiment with raga, hip-hop, dancehall and afrobeat.

The deal is another proof of the continued partnership between alcoholic beverage industry and the entertainment industry with the likes Patoranking, Banky W, and DJ Spinall already representing various brands of alcoholic drinks in the capacity of brand ambassadors.

Hennessy Nigeria will hope to access Timaya’s popularity in the Nigeria’s music scene to attract more patronage for the brand.

It is very possible that it is Timaya’s consistency as a musician that influenced Hennessy’s decision to choose him as an ambassador – the brand itself being a consistent choice for cognac lovers in Nigeria.

Hennessy signs Timaya as Brand Ambassador | www.drinks.ng
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Timaya Signs Deal with Hennessy Nigeria as Brand ambassador

Posted on 01 24, 2017

Hennessy Signs Timaya as Brand Ambassador Timaya has signed an endorsement deal to become brand...

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History of Diageo

history of Diageo | www.drinks.ng

Diageo History

Diageo plc is a British multinational alcoholic beverages company headquartered in London, England. It is the world’s largest producer of spirits and a major producer of beer and wine.

Diageo’s brands include Smirnoff (the world’s best-selling vodka), Johnnie Walker (the world’s best-selling blended Scotch whisky), Baileys (the world’s best-selling liqueur) and Guinness (the world’s best-selling stout). It also owns 34% of Moët Hennessy, which owns brands including Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Hennessy. It sells its products in over 180 countries and has offices in around 80 countries.

Diageo is an invented name that was created by the branding consultancy Wolff Olins in 1997. The name is composed of the Latin word “dia”, meaning day, and the Greek root “geo”, meaning world, and is meant to reference the company giving pleasure every day, everywhere.

Diageo was formed in 1997 from the merger of Guinness and Grand Metropolitan, under the authorization of Guinness’s Philip Yea and Anthony Greener, along with Grand Metropolitan’s John Mcgrath and George Bull. Shares in Diageo began trading on the London Stock Exchange on 17 December 1997.

Diageo owned Pillsbury until 2000 when it was sold to General Mills. In 2002, Diageo sold the Burger King fast food restaurant chain to a consortium led by US firm Texas Pacific for $1.5 billion. During February 2011, Diageo acquired Mey Icki, a Turkish Liquor company for a total of $2.1 billion.

In recent years, Diageo has invested in many companies.

history of Diageo | www.drinks.ng

History of Diageo

Posted on 08 01, 2016

Diageo History Diageo plc is a British multinational alcoholic beverages company headquartered in London, England. It...

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Hennessy Artistry

Hennessy Artistry | www.drinks.ng

Hennessy Artistry

Hennessy Artistry is an exclusive invitation only musical platform and a celebration of global musical talent which has boasted a fusion of eclectic music genres since it was first launched in 2006. As the brand has a self confessed “commitment to the global art of mixing” It has obtained an established presence within the music industry on an international level.

Hennessy Artistry boasts influential events through Africa, Asia, Europe and America; firmly establishing itself as a key event in Nigeria when it first launched in Nigeria in 2007 with the innovative concept of the “battle of the bar tenders” only to eclipse this in 2008 with a “DJ battle” between Nigeria’s premier DJs!

Although the 2008 even was deemed hard to surpass, Hennessy came back strong in 2009, challenging 5 of Nigeria’s most prominent music producers to devise and implement 4 live contests between 5 of Nigeria’s hottest artists! Since then, Hennessy Artistry has gone from strength to strength, headlining International Best Selling Nigerian Artist D’Banj at last year’s event!

The date of this year’s Hennessy Artistry Event and its headlining artist is yet to be announced; for further information on Hennessy Artistry check out their website at: http://hennessyartistry.com.ng

Hennessy Artistry sponsors: www.drinks.ng

Hennessy Artistry | www.drinks.ng
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Hennessy Artistry

Posted on 02 26, 2016

Hennessy Artistry Hennessy Artistry is an exclusive invitation only musical platform and a celebration of...

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