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11 Most Popular Cocktail Glasses You Should Know

Cocktails bring a world of no limits to the alcohol drinker. It brings a whole new adventure in enjoying your favourite vodka, rum, whiskey or gin.

From what was an accidental trend, cocktails have fast become an art in the beverage industry. It is an art that has gone far beyond the mixing of drinks, to the glasses used in serving the drinks.

According to hospitality specialist, Anthony Shishler in an interview with Spirit Magazine, mixologists,

“…are making cocktails out of fish bowls, kids’ toys, coconuts, and whole watermelons. Anything, in fact, that can hold liquid.

“As long as it can hold liquor and it’s hygienic, it’s up to the creator of the cocktail to make the glass look like a part the creation.”

However, there are some classic glasses that are traditionally used in making cocktails.

Below are 11 cocktail glasses you should know


The Martini glass is also known as the Cocktail glass. It is one of the most used cocktail glasses. The 20cl glass is usually chilled in a cooler or a freezer, or by chilling with ice and soda.


Commonly called a highball or long-drink glass, a Collins usually varies in height, but the 40cl volume is standard.


This is a tall, skinny glass used for drinking beer in Germany. For the cocktail art, the 35cl glass is used to make punches.

Old Fashioned

The old fashioned glass is typically made for the classic and popular old-fashioned cocktail. However, it is also used for serving whiskeys. It comes in a 32cl volume.


The rocks glass is designed like an old fashioned but relatively stronger. It is perfect for cocktails that are muddled in the glass. It’s a 30cl glass.


From the name, you can tell what the glass is meant for. It is commonly used for modest cocktails and it has a 5cl volume.


The Flute is used for champagne cocktails. Just like the martini glass, the flute is usually chilled before the cocktail is poured. It is a 15cl glass.


Magaritas and coupettes go together. It is chilled first, then the rim is laced with salt before being used. It has a 22cl volume.


It is sometimes called the Poco Grande. Cocktails like Coladas and other variations that are blended are a perfect fit for this 40cl glass.


The Toddy is used to serve most warm cocktails like the Irish Coffee or Hot Toddy. The glass comes with a handle which makes it easy to handle and has a volume of 24cl.


A Snifter is a traditional cognac or brandy glass. As such, it is the perfect glass for serving cognac or brandy-based cocktails. The 35cl glass is sometimes known as the Balloon.


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11 Most Popular Cocktail Glasses You Should Know

Posted on 02 09, 2018

Cocktails bring a world of no limits to the alcohol drinker. It brings a whole...

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