Truths_About_Alcohol |

5 Truths You Never Knew About Alcohol

Like every other aspect of human activity, drinking alcohol comes with its own myths which people have come to believe as truths. There are some who believe that eating before drinking will reduce the level of intoxication. There are also others who feel that brown spirits cause more severe hangovers than their clear counterparts. Don’t…

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Champagne Cocktails |

10 Amazing Champagne Cocktails

Everyone enjoys a nice glass of bubbly. Here are cocktail ideas for you to experiment with and enjoy! 1. Champagne Dream INGREDIENTS 1½ parts pomegranate juice 1½ parts Cointreau 1½ parts orange juice 4½ parts champagne HOW TO MIX add ice to the shaker add pomegranate juice, orange juice and Cointreau to the shaker shake well pour…

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Dirty Martini Cocktail |


A dash of olive brine brings a salty, savory note to the all-time classic, the Dirty Martini Cocktail. INGREDIENTS IN THE DIRTY MARTINI COCKTAIL 2.5 oz Gin or vodka .5 oz Dry vermouth .5 oz Olive brine Garnish: 1 Olives Glass: Cocktail HOW TO MAKE THE DIRTY MARTINI COCKTAIL Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass filled…

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