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10 Frequently Asked Wine Questions Answered

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There is pleasure in enjoying a good glass of wine, but we can’t argue that there are some frequently asked wine questions (FAQs) that still bug wine lovers.

Should I refrigerate my wine? What other alcohol can I mix with wine? How many servings are there in a bottle of wine? The questions go on and on.

Whether it is a red wine, white wines, sparkling, rose or moscato, there puzzling factors about wines which leads many wine lovers to ask series of questions.

Well, here are answers to 10 of the frequently asked questions about wine:

  1. Should I chill my wine?

    The question should be why not? Chilling your wine makes the flavours of the wine to be sharp and fresh, and the wine’s textures will find full expression.

    Reds should be chilled between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit, while white wines are best anywhere from about 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    You are free to refrigerate, pop the bottle in an ice bucket or use a wine chiller. We advise against putting ice into the glass of wine as this will only water down the wine. Also, avoid putting in the freezer, as quick temperature change is no friend of wines.

    At the end of the day, how chill your wine is up to your own personal choice – just make sure to enjoy it.

  2. Should I decant my wine?

    Again, decanting is a matter of choice. But it is best to taste the wine before decanting.

    Reason why? If you taste a wine and it’s so tight then you can decant; if you decant first and then find that the wine lost some fruit to the air, there’s no going back.

    As a rule of thumb, it is always more advisable to decant older wine than a fresh one.

  3. How long does wine last after being opened?

    If placed on the counter, most wines will last a day when opened. Storing in the refrigerator allows most wines to last up to a week.

    Generally, it is better not to store wine for more than a week once its opened, it is only spirit drinks that can last a long time.

  4. Why do some wines give headaches?

    It is not the sulfites in the wine in case you have been told that before. ‘Wine headaches’ are really a personal issue – something best discussed with a physician.

    While some people could get a headache from red wines, others get it from just a sip of white wine. It all depends on how the drink works with your body metabolism.

    However, there is every possibility that the sugar in the wines contribute to the headaches as too much sugar removes the water in our brains, leading to a headache.

  5. If the cork breaks, does that mean my wine is bad?

    No. At least not in all cases. If a wine cork breaks while you are trying to open it, then either of three things have happened:

        1. The wine was not properly stored, leaving the cork dry and fragile. This is why it pays to store your wine in humid conditions, while lying on its side so that the wine stays in contact with the cork to keep it nice and moist.
        2. The wine might be prematurely oxidized. If this is the case, it means the cork shriveled up enough to let some air inside the bottle. It is best not to drink such a wine as most of the flavours must have escaped and it will taste blank on the palate.
        3. You didn’t screw the corkscrew in far enough (or centered well enough), leading to breakage because of the pressure applied. If this happens, push the cork in and decant your wine before drinking.

  7. Can I buy a good bottle of wine under N5k?

    Why not? There are several good wines out there that go at an affordable price. If you are in doubt, click here to see the best wines you can get for N5k and under.

  8. Why are rose wines pink?

    Generally, wines get their colours from the grapes used to make them. Red grapes are used to make rose wines, but it is surprising why they turn pink at the end instead of red.

    There are three ways in which rose wines get their colour:

        1. Red wine grapes are allowed to macerate in the juice for short a period of time before the entire batch of juice is finished into a rosé wine.
        2. The juice is bled off when making red wines, and the bled-off juice is put into a new vat to make red wines.
        3. A little bit of red wine is added to a white wine vat to make a rose wine.

  10. How many servings are there in a bottle of wine

    Most bottles of wine are between 70-75cl. The standard fill for a glass of wine is about 6 ounces, which means a 75cl bottle of wine  will serve four standard glasses of wine. Keep that in mind when getting set for that big family dinner.

  11. What wines should I serve at a party?

    Except your intended guests have a particular wine brand that they stick to, then its best to serve them a wine that ain’t too strong so they don’t have to stagger home.

    At best, any wine with an ABV around 13.5% is good enough for your party. You don’t want your guests getting too drunk, do you?

  12. I love so-and-so wine, should I get it?

    The question is, can you afford it? If you can, why hesitate. A bottle of wine is only as good as the drinker thinks. A recent study has confirmed that we taste wines with our brains and not our tongues.

    So go ahead, if you love that bottle of merlot, or you are curious about that rose, or something about that cabernet sauvignon excites you, don’t dull; just pay for it and take your ‘baby’ home.


Can I mix wines with other alcohols?

Of course you can mix your wine with any other alcohol – it is why cocktails were invented. There are several amazing cocktails that are wine-based. Not only do these cocktails give off a good feeling to the palate, they infuse a whole new adventure to wine drinking.

So go ahead and do the mixing, but make sure to read up on cocktails you can make with wine so as to know the right amount to pour into the glass.


Wine Questions |
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10 Frequently Asked Wine Questions Answered

Posted on 03 08, 2018

There is pleasure in enjoying a good glass of wine, but we can't argue that...

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