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How To Spot Fake Alcohol

How to spot fake alcohol

Fake or illegally-produced alcohol is a term used to describe counterfeit alcohol produced in unlicensed distilleries or unknown locations with the intention of been sold. Unlike certified alcoholic drinks made with the right chemical compounds and safe for moderate consumption, these kinds of illegally-produced liquor are made using other cheaper types of alcohol. Some fake alcoholic drinks also substitute chemicals such as methanol and isopropanol for ethanol.

Drinking fake alcohol containing these chemicals can cause several health issues, such as abdominal pain, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, and dizziness. In extreme cases, it can also lead to kidney or liver problems, coma, and permanent blindness.

Here are a few tips to guide you in detecting fake alcohol.

Check the label carefully

Most of the time, these counterfeit drinks have misspellings on their labels and are often poorly packaged. So, if you observe names such as “Johnnie Walker” spelled as ‘Johnny WaIker’, or “Chivas Regal” written as “Chevas Rigal” on the label, it’s definitely fake.

Examine the packaging cautiously

Poor packaging is another feature found in counterfeit alcoholic drinks. While established brands decorate their packages properly and meticulously, fake liquors often do not. Check the packaging for bumps on the boxes, poorly crafted labels or fonts, poorly glued stickers, and so on. If the seal is broken, don’t consume it. Even if it’s not illegal, it could have been tampered with.

Check the dates

Some fake alcohol vendors often buy back empty real bottles from bars and clubs to use for packaging their own contraband liquor. Look for the manufacturing and expiry dates on the bottle or label. If the manufacturing date seems to be too long ago, it’s most likely fake alcohol packed in a recycled bottled.

Observe the colour and texture

Genuine alcohol brands often have a consistent colour and fine texture. If the colour or texture of the liquor looks questionable and inconsistent, then it’s most likely fake.

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How to spot fake alcohol

How To Spot Fake Alcohol

Posted on 12 16, 2020

Fake or illegally-produced alcohol is a term used to describe counterfeit alcohol produced in unlicensed...

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