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5 Key Reasons Drink Brands Are Sponsoring Christmas Concerts

Posted on 12 10, 2018

Christmas is Nigeria’s ‘unofficial’ party season and major drink brands in the country are part...

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Why You Should Shop From Drinks.ng This Christmas

Posted on 12 05, 2018

Drinks are an important part of the festivities that come with the Christmas season. Having...

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5 Drinking Hacks You Should Know

Posted on 03 15, 2018

Life hacks are those simply creative things we do to make living easy - drinking...

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Alcohol and Massage | www.drinks.ng
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Why Getting a Massage after Drinking is Bad for you

Posted on 02 21, 2018

Getting an oily body massage is as healthy as it is stress-relieving, but it is...

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10 Basic Cocktail Tools Every Mixologist Should Have

Posted on 02 14, 2018

Mixing the perfect drink requires creativity, focus, expertise and consistency. It has become an art...

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5 Iconic Bars in Film We'd Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek | drinks.ng

5 Iconic Bars in Film We’d Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek

Posted on 02 20, 2017

Many of cinema's best scenes have been set against a backdrop of bars and some...

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Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt | www.drinks.ng
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Jack Daniel’s Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Whiskey Barrel Hunt

Posted on 06 22, 2016

Jack Daniel's Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Whiskey Barrel Hunt. In celebration of the 150th anniversary...

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