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5 Key Reasons Drink Brands Are Sponsoring Christmas Concerts

At_The Club_With_Remy | www.drinks.ng

Christmas is Nigeria’s ‘unofficial’ party season and major drink brands in the country are part of the reason behind that.

After all, what party is complete without a drink or two?

A look at the event calendar for December shows that major drink brands have partnered with event planners and big artists for some of the amazing concerts.

From Hennessy Artistry Grande Finale to Pepsi’s ‘Disemba’ line of events, there is always a major brand associated with a big concert.

So why do these drink brands sponsor these concerts?

  1. Sales

For the drink brands, the competition is always on who can make more sales. Drink brands like Hennessy, Johnnie Walker, Remy Martin and the rest leverage on these Christmas concerts as an avenue to sell off their products. It is normal to find vendors with stalls at these concerts selling drinks.

  1. Brand Visibility

From the posters, banners, radio, TV and outdoor advertorials that precede these concerts, more consumers begin to see and hear about the brands sponsoring these concerts. Christmas concerts have become like an advertorial showcase for these brands and it is interesting to see more and more brands jump on the roller coaster although there seems to be a bit of ‘copy-catting’ in this aspect.

  1. Brand Identity

Concerts create a unique identity for the drink brands. While Hennessy Artistry uses the avenue of music as a testimony to its unique blending style; At the Club with Remy Martin reveals the brand’s identity as enchanting cognac to enjoy in clubs and parties.

To each drink brand, its own identity and all are targeted to tuning in with the consumer base that tandems with its identity.

  1. Ambassadorial Deals

Some of the artists like Falz, Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Timaya are celebrity ambassadors of most of these drink brands. It goes without saying that the brands will key into any concert organised by any of its ambassadors.

Smirnoff showed a good example when it partnered, alongside Pepsi for DJ Spinall’s Album party which held recently at the Oriental Hotel.

  1. Brand Experience

Music and drinks are wonderful companions when it comes to partying. There is a saying among social circles that “a glass or two helps you to understand the music better.” Drinks brands tag with these concerts to create the right experiential atmosphere for lovers and potential customers to interact with their products. For drink brands, Christmas concerts are like an open playground to build the fun side of their products on.

At_The Club_With_Remy | www.drinks.ng
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5 Key Reasons Drink Brands Are Sponsoring Christmas Concerts

Posted on 12 10, 2018

Christmas is Nigeria’s ‘unofficial’ party season and major drink brands in the country are part...

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Why You Should Shop From Drinks.ng This Christmas

christmas-drinks | www.drinks.ng

Drinks are an important part of the festivities that come with the Christmas season. Having the right drink in your glass is the exact juice you need to get your groove on this yuletide season.

With the malls filled to the entrance, Lagos traffic ever at its peak and the fear of falling victim to fake drinks, where will you be shopping for drinks this Christmas?

What you need is a trusted source that guarantees authentic drinks, stocks a wide range of brands at the most pocket-friendly price. You need a drinks store you can simply rely on.

Considering the above, here are top reasons why you should buy from Drinks.ng this Christmas.

Customer Friendly

We understand that satisfying our customers is key to a successful business, which is why our customer service reps are friendly and always ready to help you with your orders. Immediate on our Live chat, polite on the phone and quick with email replies, we leave everyone who buys from us feeling like ‘Drinks.ng is our friend’.

Little wonder why Idowu left this 5-star review:

“Really Great Service! Called last minute on Friday evening about 6:30pm to pick up drinks I just bought. They close at 6pm or so but the representative on the phone (a kind lady) made sure we got our drinks even though we got there about 7:35pm (last minute rushing). They were very accommodating even offering a drink while the car was coming to pick up. Really great service! Thanks –Idowu”

Best Prices Nationwide

Yes! Go and compare elsewhere, we have the most competitive and pocket-friendly prices across available nationwide. We are cheaper than every other online store and way more economical than the malls in your neighbourhood. You can’t find a better pricing for bottles and cartons elsewhere!

Quick & Efficient Delivery Service

We are not here to compete with Santa, but we can tell you that our delivery service is faster than his Red-nosed Reindeer. No! We ain’t kidding at all. Within Lekki and Victoria Island, we deliver under 24-hours from the time the order is confirmed. For other parts of Lagos, you will find your orders under the Christmas tree within 48 hours.

Godwin here knows better:

“Ordered all I needed without issues. Chose the transfer to bank option. Biggest shock was that delivery happened same day (about 6 hrs later). Awesome!”

Nationwide Delivery Service

If you are travelling home this Christmas, you will definitely need bottles of wine for your many cousins, mature whiskies for your dad and Mazi Okoro which is where Drinks.ng comes in.

Drinks.ng work with excellent courier service to providers to make sure that your products get to you anywhere in Nigeria. Remember that deliveries outside Lagos take 3-5 working days depending on distance.

Amazing Deals & Gifts

At Drinks.ng, there is an array of amazingly FREE gifts that come with every purchase you make. We are talking branded headsets, Bluetooth speakers, 24 Apparel hats, mini bottles, flash drives, sunglasses and lots more! We are never short of mouth-watering deals and our Promos and Gifts page is a testament to our generosity. That means you don’t just buy to drinks for drinking sake, you can buy as a gift for friends and family.

Authentic Drinks

This is a guarantee as we buy directly from the companies who own these drink brands or from their approved distributors. What does this mean? A bottle of Hennessy or a case of Moet & Chandon purchased from our store is as authentic as the word itself.

As a proof of authenticity, the brand owners themselves are never shy of working with us in terms of promos and customer education experiences.

Saves You Time & Money

Ordering from us means you don’t only get drinks at the best prices, we also save you the time you would spend driving all the way to the market or mall to get the drinks yourself. So if you believe ‘time is money’, then you will understand that we are saving your money for you on a double level.

We Work Weekends & Public Holidays

If you are the type that waits till it’s Christmas weekend to do your shopping, we are here for you as we also work on weekends.

Secret? There will be someone to pick your call and deliver to you even if you decide to order on Christmas morning.

Dipset was not only happy with our quick response, he thinks it’s impressive that we work on weekends too so he left this review:

“Your service was fast. I haven’t even finished ordering online before one of your representatives called me to assist me with my order. And you work on weekends. That’s a plus..”


What are you waiting for? Place your order now on Drinks.ng  for authentic champagnes, wines and spirit. We are waiting to add extra merriment to your Christmas.


christmas-drinks | www.drinks.ng
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Why You Should Shop From Drinks.ng This Christmas

Posted on 12 05, 2018

Drinks are an important part of the festivities that come with the Christmas season. Having...

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5 Drinking Hacks You Should Know

Life hacks are those simply creative things we do to make living easy – drinking hacks make drinking way easier and bring life to your party.

Pulling off a hack when you and your friends meet up for a drinkathon can immediately give you the Black Panther title among them.

We have selected five(5) hacks that you can use to step up your drinking experience.

The Disposable Cooler

This hack involves using a waste bag inside a beer or soda case (not a crate) – you can also use a TV case or something of the like. Put some ice into it along with your drinks. Voila! You have yourself a disposable cooler.

Nails & Hammer

So you have a bottle of wine in front of you but there is to wine opener in sight? Two small nails and a hammer can do the job of lifting the cork for you. Simply use your thumb to drive the nails into the cork, then use the end of a hammerhead meant for removing nails to pull out the nail along with the cork.

The Ice Cooler

Some drinks release the best flavours when chilled. So what do you do when you have a drink to chill, but can’t wait 20-25 minutes on a freezer to do the work? Fill a bucket with ice and add just enough water to fill the cracks in that ice. Add salt to the mixture (this lowers the freezing point and let it become super-cold water). Go ahead and rotate your bottle or can of soda, beer, bottled water, or wine for about 2 minutes or more, and your cold drink is ready.

Champagne Bubbler

Is your open champagne or sparkling wine running out of fizz? Fear not! Simply add a raisin in your glass and wait a few minutes will save it from going flat.

Blended Wine

Wines taste best when you aerate the flavours. No wonder wine glasses are specially shaped to allow the flavours breath and direct them to the nose and palate. To get the best out of your wine (where there is no expensive wine aerator), pour your wine in a blender, blend it for 30 seconds, and settle to savour the best wine tasting experience yet.

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5 Drinking Hacks You Should Know

Posted on 03 15, 2018

Life hacks are those simply creative things we do to make living easy - drinking...

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Why Getting a Massage after Drinking is Bad for you

Alcohol and Massage | www.drinks.ng

Getting an oily body massage is as healthy as it is stress-relieving, but it is not advisable to hit the massage table the morning after drinking.

Massages leave you dehydrated, which is why the masseuse offers a glass of water after a session. Thus getting a massage when the alcohol in your body is already making you thirsty is not a safe bet.

So why is getting a massage after drinking alcohol bad?

According to Dennis Frymire, a therapist at Massage Envy in Chicago, “Massage moves fluids in the body.”

“If you are dehydrated, that is only going to heighten the feeling of dehydration after.”

This means that getting a massage after drinking will only intensify any symptom of being hungover that might surface.

“I will have someone come in, and they will say that they have been drinking the night before and that they are hung over,” he said.

“You may feel great during the massage, but it may heighten your feelings of being hung over after the massage,” Frymire said.

Especially steer clear of something like a deep-tissue massage.

“After you get a deep-tissue massage, there’s always a bit of muscle soreness,” he said. “That’s natural.”

However, if you were intoxicated the night before, the soreness will only feel worse.

So as much as a massage is worth having, do well not to fill your body with booze few hours before it. Just like massages, drinking should be an enjoyable activity. You do not want to walk away with an uncomfortable experience after.

Never forget that moderate drinking will help your body get the best benefits from the liquor you are drinking.


Alcohol and Massage | www.drinks.ng
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Why Getting a Massage after Drinking is Bad for you

Posted on 02 21, 2018

Getting an oily body massage is as healthy as it is stress-relieving, but it is...

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10 Basic Cocktail Tools Every Mixologist Should Have

Bar tools | www.drinks.ng

Mixing the perfect drink requires creativity, focus, expertise and consistency. It has become an art in its own right as more cocktails are invented regularly.

Just like every other art form, making cocktails requires certain tools to get the job done right and quickly too. For the beginner mixologist, having the proper tools is almost as important as getting the recipe right. As a matter of fact, the right tools propel the right recipe.

Basic Cocktail Tools

The basic tools needed to make that darling cocktail are explained below:

Boston Shaker

The Boston Shaker is highly essential in the cocktail-making process. It consists of two parts: a mixing glass and a metal tumbler. It used to have a third part which was a built-in strainer. The beautiful thing about the Boston Shaker is that the customer gets to see what goes into the mixing glass. Add that to the beauty of watching the ingredients mix together as the mixologist gets to work.


The strainer is a basic sieve designed to be placed on the shaker. It keeps broken ice and fruit or other pulp in the metal tumbler while the drink is being poured.

Fine Strainer

In order to keep the cocktail clear, a fine strainer is used to catch all the smaller pieces of ice and fruit while pouring the drink.

Bar Knife

You definitely need the bar knife for cutting fruits and other garnishing.


The Jigger is a measuring cup with measures on both ends. It is used in measuring the right amount of ingredient to add to the cocktail.

Bar Spoon

The Bar Spoon is used to stir, scoop spices, layer drinks and muddle soft fruit. It comes with a coin-like end that suits its purpose.


Blenders are primarily used for frozen drinks and are quite useful in making purees.


It is used in mashing fruits into a puree, as well as extracting juice from various citrus fruits.

Pour Spout

This is a special cap placed on bottles for optimal speed at the bar. Mixologists and bartenders with years of experience use the Pour Spout to pour the correct quantity of drink without having to measure.

Bar tools | www.drinks.ng
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10 Basic Cocktail Tools Every Mixologist Should Have

Posted on 02 14, 2018

Mixing the perfect drink requires creativity, focus, expertise and consistency. It has become an art...

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5 Iconic Bars in Film We’d Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek

5 Iconic Bars in Film We'd Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek | drinks.ng

Many of cinema’s best scenes have been set against a backdrop of bars and some of these bars have become spots we dream of visiting for a great time. If the bar was real, you have no doubt it’ll be your favourite one.

In the spirit of Act Happy Week, here are the top five fictional bars we wish we could visit to relive moments witnessed in film, or just get a couple of drinks and chill:

Rick’s Café Americain

5 Iconic Bars in Film We'd Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek | drinks.ng

It could be impossible without the romance between Rick and IIsa or without the threat of Gestapo bursting in at any time, but since the classic Casablanca (1942) came out, many bars in the world have tried to recreate Cafe Americain’s aura. While they try, some of us would just like to be there with friends and lovers, having a glass of Champagne while we enjoy a live band.

Jack Rabbit Slim’s

5 Iconic Bars in Film We'd Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek | drinks.ng

The most memorable bit in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994) is probably the entire scene at this dancing diner. Jack Rabbit Slim’s is so loved that it gained honourary dive-bar status and inspires whole warehouses of fancy-dress costumes. We don’t know about you, but we’d definitely love to get a $5 milkshake in there surrounded by people mimicking suave caricatures of the most popular celebrities on the planet.

The Prancing Pony

5 Iconic Bars in Film We'd Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek | drinks.ng

In the first installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, our hobbits from The Shire found themselves hiding out at The Prancing Pony and drew too much attention to their wasted, loud selves, forcing the husky hand of Aragorn who came to their rescue on that rainy day. The action-packed scene is enough to inspire the desire to sit at this bar and have a few pints of ale.

The Gold Room at the Overlook Hotel

5 Iconic Bars in Film We'd Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek | drinks.ng

In cult classic The Shining (1980), this bar features briefly, but sticks. The Gold Room doesn’t charge for drinks! Not a lot is better than that today! Plus, it has an excellent bartender in Lloyd who we’d love to get chummy with, much like Nicholson’s character Jack Torrance did in the film. A glass of Jack Daniel’s, anyone?

Basement Taverna

A shot of Schnapps at Basement Taverna is all we ask. This bar hosted a seminal point in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and though this scene ended abysmally, we’d all love to play a version of the drinking game where we stick a name on a card to our forehead and try to guess who is written on it at a bar in a basement.



5 Iconic Bars in Film We'd Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek | drinks.ng

5 Iconic Bars in Film We’d Love To Have A Few Drinks & Chill At #ActHappyWeek

Posted on 02 20, 2017

Many of cinema's best scenes have been set against a backdrop of bars and some...

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Jack Daniel’s Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Whiskey Barrel Hunt

Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt | www.drinks.ng

Jack Daniel’s Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Whiskey Barrel Hunt.

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Jack Daniel Distillery, the oldest registered distillery in the U.S., Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey  announced the Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt. It is a global scavenger hunt that will unite Friends of Jack across the world. The first Barrel Hunt will take place at the home of the distillery in Lynchburg. It starts on July 1 and visits more than 50 countries in 90 days. Jack Daniel’s will provide clues via its local Facebook pages to help fans find the hidden whiskey barrels around the world.  They have the opportunity opportunity to win unique, specially designed prizes to commemorate the distillery’s 150th anniversary.

“The 150th anniversary is a major milestone for the distillery and is a perfect opportunity to invite everyone to join us in our celebration of Jack Daniel’s with our first-ever global Barrel Hunt,  Mark McCallum, President of Jack Daniel’s said .

Each hidden barrel in the scavenger hunt was handcrafted from the distillery and used to mature Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskeybefore being specially fabricated for the Barrel Hunt to house prizes. These prizes include an original, one-of-a-kind bar kit made with white oak from the barrels. Barrel Hunt winners will also receive the authentic Jack Daniel’s barrel they found. The prizes are tailored to each region that participates in the Barrel Hunt. From July through September, 150 handcrafted whiskey barrels will be hidden in various regions across the globe.  They will be located at historic and cultural sites. There will be clues available on Jack Daniel’s Facebook pages to help guide fans to the secret location. Clues tied to the history of each region will be provided on the day of each local Barrel Hunt. Barrels will be opened when the first person to arrive speaks the correct barrel password. Updates and results will be shared as barrels are found around the world and prizes are claimed in each region.

For more information on the Jack Daniel’s Barrel Hunt, visit www.jackdanielsbarrelhunt.com.

To learn more about Jack Daniel’s and the Jack Daniel Distillery’s 150th anniversary, visit www.jackdaniels.com

Jack Daniel's Barrel Hunt | www.drinks.ng
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Jack Daniel’s Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Whiskey Barrel Hunt

Posted on 06 22, 2016

Jack Daniel's Celebrates 150th Anniversary with Whiskey Barrel Hunt. In celebration of the 150th anniversary...

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