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Top Drinking Games to Spice up Your Nigerian Party

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One day one of these games will make it to the Olympics.

Drinking can be all kinds of fun – even water is fun to drink if you know what it means to be dehydrated.

For alcohol drinking, the excitement sometimes is not only in the sipping of the wine, beer or spirit. The atmosphere matters a lot too.

That is why some people are wont to turn up at clubs, lounges and bars to share drinks with friends and family.

However, sometimes, the trip to the club or ‘drinking parlour’ can be boycotted for some home-made fun.

So while ‘cancelling’ bottles of alcohol over the weekend, here are top games that can spice up the fun for you.

Let’s go, it’s GAME time!


This is a very intellectual game as a lot of topics can be explored, and as the name implies, you need to be fully concentrated not to default. Shamefully, when the alcohol begins to kick in, the sense goes numb, and the funniest answers in history are going to be heard.

The leader, with a tot in hand, goes “Concentration! Concentration!” and the others respond, “Concentration”. It’s time for all players to be focused on the next thing he says. If he goes “Names of drinks, names of drinks! Champagne,” you better not say something amiss or you are ‘slushing’ from the tot of gin.

Giving an answer that has already been given leads to a ‘slush’, as well as giving a false answer or countering a given answer and turning out to be wrong at the end.

Usually, some people have a bottle being passed around while the bottle in the centre with a tot, is reserved for the defaulting players.

Any number of players can play, but like they say, the fewer, the merrier.

Beer Pong

Without much doubt, this is arguably the world’s most popular drinking game and it’s very popular in American colleges. That doesn’t mean it is not welcome in our explosive Nigerian get-togethers.

All that is needed is a long table, ping pong ball, 12-20 cups and of course enough BEER.

The cups are set up in a triangular form (like snooker balls) at either end of the table. Two players, or a team of players take up either of the ends.

Players throw the ping pong balls in an attempt to land it on the filled beer cups. The player that misses automatically has to down the cup missed. But if a player hits the target, the opponent has to do the drinking.

The game ends when all the beer cups have been emptied, or probably when there is no more beer to play with.

Flip Cup

This is a team game that involves both sets of players facing off against each other at opposite sides of a table.

There is a plastic disposable cup filled with beer or any other desired alcoholic beverage in front of each player.

The game begins with a customary toast where each player empties the contents of the cup in front of them. This is followed by placing the empty cup at the edge of the table, while a player tries to flick or lift the bottom of the cup for it to flip over and land face down on the table.

If a cup is knocked over while trying to flip, the player must go back and reflip. Two hands are not allowed while trying to flip, neither is the player allowed to blow the cup into position.

Only when the cup is successfully flipped and lands bottom-up on the table can the next person from that team start to drink, and the team that finishes drinking and flipping all its cups first wins.

Drinking Games | www.drinks.ng
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Top Drinking Games to Spice up Your Nigerian Party

Posted on 01 23, 2018

One day one of these games will make it to the Olympics. Drinking can be...

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5 Fun Drinking Games That Will Strengthen Your Friendship

Drinking Games | www.drinks.ng

The International Friendship Day is just a couple of days away and friends all over the world would be looking forward to mark their superb companionship.

It is no news that friends love to hangout together, go on adventures, have great fun and most importantly, share a drink together.

Well, if you and your friends are looking forward to a house party with foods and drinks, then there are multitude of games you can indulge in just to make your bond stronger.

These games are a sure way to not just enjoy your favourite drink, but also prove how much you know your friends, as well deepen the bond you guys already share.

Below are five fun drinking games you can play with your friends:

Most Likely

Preferred Drink: Gin

“Most Likely” is one sure game to prove how much you and your friends know each other. Get your friends to sit in a circle and set a bottle of gin at the centre, while everyone holds a tot glass. Go ahead to ask a “most likely” question, like “Who would be most likely to ask Olamide for a dance at a nightclub?” or “Who would be most likely to not turn up for a planned outing?”

On the count of three, you and your friends point to whoever is believed to most likely to do whatever act was mentioned. You have to take a tot for every person who’s pointing at you. That means that if five people think you’d ask Olamide for a dance, you have to take five tots from the gin at the centre.

Never Have I Ever

Preferred Drink: Red or White Wine

This one great game to know your friends’ secrets! The game demands that you share something that you have never done before and the people who have will take a sip of their drink.

The amazing thing about Never Have I Ever is that you get to enjoy the amazing floral notes of your wine, while having amazing fun knowing what your friends have been up to behind your back.

For example, when you say, “Never have I ever been drunk,” all your friends who have been drunk will have a drink. The underlining fun here is to make your friends reveal their awkward stories so be careful about what you say.

I’m Going to the Bar

Preferred Drink: Rum

Ever played the game I’m Going on a Picnic? This is the adult version of it…with drinks. The game tastes the IQ of you and your friends, as well as your knowledge of alcoholic beverages.

You begin by saying, “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a vodka” (or any other alcoholic beverage). After that, the next friend in line has to repeat the drink that you said, but add another drink to the list as well.

For example, after a few rounds in: “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a vodka, a tequila shot, a gin and tonic, and a long island.” The rounds go on and on until one friend messes up; whoever does first takes a shot.

Concentration Game

Preferred Drink: Whiskey

This is not the usual concentration game played with cards, this is played with drinks. The game helps to test the general knowledge of your friends and their ability to pay attention.

Everyone sits in a circle and the first friend goes “Concentration! Concentration! Names of alcoholic drinks! Names of alcoholic drinks! Absolut Vodka!” The friend next to him then goes, “Jack Daniel’s Whiskey”, the next person calls out another name until someone fails or repeats a name that has been called. Whoever fails, drinks a shot of whiskey.

You can also play with names of cars, names of streets, names of footballers and so on.

Straight Face

Preferred Drink: Sparkling Wine

Everyone knows that one-liner that gets a friend rolling on the floor with laughter. This game gives you the chance to test your friend’s resolve to keep a straight face even after reading that hilarious one-line joke.

You and your friends write funny memory or inappropriate sentences on small pieces of paper – you know the kinds that are tough for your friends to read while keeping a straight face. Each of your friends to picks up a chit of paper and tries to keep a straight face. The one who giggles or reacts drinks.

Enjoy your friendship day party, but remember to drink responsibly.




Drinking Games | www.drinks.ng
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5 Fun Drinking Games That Will Strengthen Your Friendship

Posted on 06 28, 2017

The International Friendship Day is just a couple of days away and friends all over...

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