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10 Things Nigerians Do With Empty Drink Bottles

10 Things Nigerians Do With Empty Drink Bottles | www.drinks.ng

Things Nigerians Do With Empty Drink Bottles

Nigeria has a serious waste problem especially from empty drink bottles and cans littered in drainages and waste sites around major cities in the country.

Occasionally, one gets to see scavengers come around and pick these bottles, some made of plastic, out of the waste bins and at party venues for recycling purposes.

Debunk the big term “recycling”, many Nigerians simply “reuse” these empty bottles for other purposes.

Here are 10 of the interesting things Nigerians use empty drink bottles for.

  • Funnels

    It is a very common site to see empty plastic bottles cut in half and used as funnels. From pouring fuel into vehicles and generators to kerosene into stoves, these ‘improvised’ funnels come in handy for Nigerians at all times.

    Various sizes of funnels are made depending on the size of the plastic bottle.

  • Zobo, Palmwine and Other Beverages

    Zobo, Kunu, Palmwine, and ‘Agbo’ herbal drinks are some of the very many local beverages Nigerians use empty drink bottles for. Whether empty beer bottles or soft drink and table water bottles, as long as they can be corked, then it can be used. Quite interestingly, some companies who have begun to package these local beverages still make use of these empty bottles by just putting their brand on it and send it off to the market.

  • Nuts

    It is no unusual sight to see groundnuts and cashew nuts on the street corners and even in supermarket shelves being stored in empty drink bottles. While plastic bottles are still being used, it is more common to find empty gin, brandy and whiskey bottles used for this. And just like the Zobo and Kunu drinks, companies that brand these nuts still make use of the likes Best and McDowell bottles.

  • Vehicle Oils

    It is not just the engine oils Nigerian store in empty drink bottles, hydraulics also and probably every other liquid that we use in vehicles.

  • Cooking Oils

    Palm oil or vegetable oil – you are sure to see one of those sold in an empty bottle at a market stall or one of the many kiosks that design Nigerian suburban neighbourhoods.

  • Toy Cars

    This one is totally an invention of kids, and they do it so well. Without the luxury of owning advanced toy cars, most kids in low-class Nigerian communities resort to using empty plastic bottles for their toy cars. Playing just got inventive right?

    Empty beer, juice and energy drinks cans also come in handy here.

  • Arts

    Sometimes it is not all about storing things with these empty bottles, one can make art out of them and Nigerians so know how to make that happen.

    One famous artwork is the one done by a student of Yaba College of Technology which went viral on the internet.

  • Build Houses

    This is pretty much new but very essential in combatting energy and waste pollution. Several projects in Northern Nigeria especially has seen low-cost houses being built using empty plastic bottles.

  • Liquid Soaps

    At the end of the day, we must all keep things clean right? Most locally made liquid soaps without branding are also stored in.

  • Home Uses

    Salt, spices, flower vases, and any other thing that can be imagined are stored in empty drink bottles in many Nigerian homes.

10 Things Nigerians Do With Empty Drink Bottles | www.drinks.ng
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10 Things Nigerians Do With Empty Drink Bottles

Posted on 01 24, 2018

Things Nigerians Do With Empty Drink Bottles Nigeria has a serious waste problem especially from...

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