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What You Should Be Drinking for Christmas 2018

Posted on 12 18, 2018

Christmas comes with a lot of excitement - carols, concerts, festivals, parties, lots of eating...

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Martina O'Shea-Most-Expensive-Cognac-Shot |
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Cognac shot sells for a record-breaking £10,014 in London bar

Posted on 03 23, 2018

Cognac is a premium spirit drink and the price speaks well in that respect. Expectedly,...

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Cognac and Whisky |

Grapes vs Grains: The difference between Cognac and Whisky

Posted on 03 07, 2018

Jamie and Deolu walked into the bar after a long Wednesday meeting, and the bald...

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Jay-Z-N32m-Champagne |
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Jay-Z Spends N32m On Drinks, Tips Waitress N3.9m

Posted on 02 21, 2018

US Hip Hop mogul, Jay-Z had a luxurious drinking night in Manhattan that saw him...

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Drinking_Alcohol_and_Exercise |

Did You Know Moderate Drinking Makes You Live Longer than Exercise?

Posted on 02 21, 2018

Regular exercise is said to make one live to a ripe old age, but it...

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Cognac |
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What Glass Should You Drink Cognac From?

Posted on 02 20, 2018

Drinking cognac is a wonderful experience with all the rich, spiced flavours of the eaux-de-vie gracing your...

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does-alcohol-make-you-attractive |

Does Alcohol Make You More Attractive to Others?

Posted on 02 19, 2018

Alcohol is capable of many things including the ability to make us immediately appear more...

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Alcohol and Creativity |

How Alcohol Makes You More Creative

Posted on 02 14, 2018

Whether in form of business innovation, artistic creations, scientific experiments, creativity is something we all crave...

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Cognac-Ratings |
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XO Cognac Classification Rises to a 10-Year Minimum

Posted on 01 17, 2018

The classification for XO Cognac will change from six years old to a 10-year minimum...

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Truths_About_Alcohol |

5 Truths You Never Knew About Alcohol

Posted on 01 15, 2018

Like every other aspect of human activity, drinking alcohol comes with its own myths which...

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