Celebrities that Own Vineyards

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Celebrities that Own Vineyards

celebrities who own vineyards Coppola | www.drinks.ng

Meet the Celebrities that Make Money Like Fine Wine.

Quite an eye catching heading I must say, did you know that there are people who make money and make other money?

In the words of Richard H. Frank, former president of Walt Disney Studios, “The people who are making money, they are doing it because they are applying the same principles that made them their other money in the first place”.

Wine making is a fine-tuned way of investing money and making not just profit but prestige and class.

Below is a compiled list of well-known individuals who have the passion and love and also make money from winery and merging with established wineries to produce fine wine.

1. Trump Winery

On the top of our list, is the United States president-elect Donald Trump. He owns a winery which is named after him, Trump Winery, and is located in Charlottesville, Virginia. The winery also happens to be the largest vineyard in that region. Launched in 2011, it has 50,000sqft of wine making facilities, 100,000-gallon tank capacity and 750-barrel cave producing sparkling white and red wines.

Trump Winery | www.drinks.ng
Source: Pinterest


2. Ferguson Crest

The next person making the list is a female and is no other than The Black-Eyed Peas diva, Stacy Ann Ferguson. Stacy definitely has the business blood in her, partnering with her father, Pat Ferguson. Owners of the Ferguson crest, they make about 1,000 cases annually, all crafted by Tensely Wines in Santa Ynez. With the “Ferguson Crest” which was just recently released, the wine business is sure one to look forward to investing in.

Fergie at Fergurson crest | www.drinks.ng
Source: zimbio.com

3. Barrymore Winery

Next on the list is Drew Barrymore (Barrymore Winery). Partnering with the Monterey, she creates what is called a Pinot Gris. This bright, beautiful white wine with a unique blend of lemon drop, Asian pear and honey dew melon star was inspired by her family.

Barrymore Winery | www.drinks.ng
Source: Popsugar.com

4. Chateau Miraval

The bradgelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) duo made it to the list, with a 1,200-acre estate in Correns, France. The Chateau Miraval is estimated at 60 million dollars. The couples released an award-winning wine in the year 2014 and sold out within 5 hours.

Chateau Miraval | www.drinks.ng
Source: Business Insider

5. Beckham Estate Vineyard

The Beckham’s cannot be left out, evolving into wine enthusiasts in Spain during the time when Beckham played for Real Madrid. The winery situated in Napa Valley was a birthday gift to Victoria for her 34th birthday. Unfortunately, production is only limited to family and friends as plans of commercial sales are not forthcoming.

Beckhams Estate Vineyard | www.drinks.ng
Source: Beckham’s Estate Vineyard

6. The Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Now, we all know the movie “The Godfather” but very few of us know the director. Francis Ford Coppola is the owner of The Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Having in its existence, produced over 40 wines from his resort, his special Rose called Sofia, is a fine wine popularly known in Sonoma County, California.

The Francis Ford Coppola Winery | www.drinks.ng
Source: Pinterest

I must say that choosing vineyard is no easy task as it involves choosing the right land and vines, topped with willingness and hard work. Based on the ever-rising consolidation of wine distributors and fear of fake liquor, wines and spirits, checkout Nigeria’s leading alcoholic beverages store for rest assured service and quality on drinks.




celebrities who own vineyards Coppola | www.drinks.ng

Celebrities that Own Vineyards

Posted on 12 08, 2016

Meet the Celebrities that Make Money Like Fine Wine. Quite an eye catching heading I...

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