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10 Best Wines For 2018 Christmas Dates

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Champagnes and sparkling wines have been the toast of Christmas and New Year holiday dates but there is no ruling out red, white and rose still wines from the mix.

Wines are beautiful, fruity with a complex acidity which makes it a perfect choice for the end of the year festivities.

So this Christmas, whether you’re marking a wedding anniversary or having an end-of-the-year last supper with your special one, let the beautiful, fruity and complex acidity of wines make the memories remarkable in your mind.

We scouted and brought you 10 special wines that are fit for your Christmas date.

Red Wine

Carlo Rossi Sweet Red

Price: 1,640 – Buy now!

If you had a good and memorable year, there is no better choice than Carlo Rossi Sweet Red. The light-medium body of this wine, combined with its fresh notes of flower and flavours of bright red fruits will match your Christmas Day chicken stew and/or pepper soup.

Robertson Chapel Sweet Red

Price: 1,150 – Buy now!

This special South African wine is not just sweet, but juicy, smooth and bursting with cherry and ripe banana flavours. It is an easy-to-drink red wine that helps you ease away the stress of the year while simmering in the excitement of the season. It does not shy away from spicy meals when paired during dates.

Chateau De Pez

Price: 17,140 – Buy now!

Chateau De Pez 2011 is a deep-coloured wine with a young rim. Aromas of black fruit and spices are revealed on the nose with a dense palate, bodied and full of lingering fragrance in the finish. With a bottle of Chateau de Pez set in front of you, your Christmas date gets a luxury feel to it.

Frontera Merlot

Price: 1,560 – Buy now!

Frontera Merlot is an intense, full-bodied wine with a deep red colour. A rich, herbal nose offers blends nicely with good composition and fruity flavours to give your Christmas evening that unique palatable feeling.

Thomas Barton Bordeaux

Price: 4,550 – Buy now!

Thomas Barton Bordeaux is a very attractive wine with an intense, ripe, raspberry nose and tobacco overtones. It is well structured on the palate with plenty of fruit, good balance and great taste. Having been aged for three months, it brings elegance to your dining set for Christmas.

Terrazas Malbec

Price: 4,620 – Buy now!

Terrazas Malbec is made from carefully selected grapes from terraces in the top quality districts of Mendoza. Aged for 12 months in oak casks, it has fruity aromas of black cherries, prunes and raisins. Hints of vanilla, caramel and toast appear as it opens up. The palate is powerful with concentrated round and ripe tannins. This is red wine redefined for your seafood dinners!

White Wine

Carlo  Rossi Sweet Moscato White

Price: 1,640 – Buy now!

Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White is a light-bodied sweet and fruity wine layered with floral notes. Hints of tree and stone fruits create very fresh flavours. For an enjoyable dinner date, ensure that it is served chilled.

Nederburg Chardonnay

Price: 3,850 – Buy now!

An impressive white wine from South Africa, Nederburg Chardonnay is a darling to the taste buds. It is full-bodied wine with balanced flavours of light butter, vanilla, citrus and green apple. Its green-tinted clear hue is much more a reminder of a fruitful year rather than the Christmas Grinch.

Rose Wines

Antares Cab. Sauv. Rose

Price: 2,290 – Buy now!

Antares Cabernet Sauvignon Rose has a delightful appearance and lovely floral aromas. It has a lively pink colour of medium intensity and characterised by citric notes which combine perfectly with intense red fruit flavours such as strawberries and raspberries. On the palate, the wine is fresh and silky and has a lovely finish. The Antares Cabernet Sauvignon is best served as an aperitif before your Christmas dinner.

Provence by OTT

Price: 5,950 – Buy now!

Provence Rose By OTT is an elegant, pale and crystal-clear pink rose wine with orange undertones. Delicate and fruity on the nose, the wine has notes of white peach and apricot mixed with passion fruit and mango. The palate is full, fresh and crisp with hints of citrus fruits and sweet spices.

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10 Best Wines For 2018 Christmas Dates

Posted on 12 17, 2018

Champagnes and sparkling wines have been the toast of Christmas and New Year holiday dates...

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Fun Reasons You Should Be Drinking Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato

Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato |

Carlo Rossi is one of the largest bottled wine brands in the world, ranking among the top three brands in Nigeria, top five in the US and and number one in Poland.

Maybe it is the smooth and approachable wine style or it’s pronounced in-store visibility that has made it a favourite among wine lovers and consumers.

Carlo Rossi wines are generally fruit forward wines layered with sweet aromatics as well as a smooth well rounded finish. They also come with a well balanced fruit, oak sweetness, clean without off notes.

Whether it is the Carlo Rossi Red, White or Rose, the result is a smooth and versatile wine with elegant balance and complexity.

The wine brand has also launched the Carlo Rossi Moscato along with the Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato, two new brands that is taking the market by storm.

Already, it is no longer news that moscato wines are the in-thing among the new generation of wine drinkers owing mainly to the smooth, deliciously sweet, refreshing and fruity tastes.

However, the Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato is in a class of its own.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be drinking it:

Tasting Notes

Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato is a light-bodied sweet and fruity wine layered with floral notes. Hints of tree and stone fruits create very fresh flavours for this wine which should be served chilled.

If you are not salivating by just reading, you are certainly not a wine or moscato lover.

Good Value

You do not have to spend much to get a bottle of the wine. It comes at the same price as Carlo Rossi California Red (core blends).

Low Alcohol

Same price, but not as harsh as the red. The alcohol level is not as high as the red, making it easy to drink, rather than sip.

Saves Money on Mixers

Because it comes with a fruity taste, sweet and goes down easy in the mouth, there is no need for repeated calls to the bartender for a mixer.


The Carlo Rossi Pink is so flexible that even non-wine drinkers can catch in on the fun. That is just because it is easy to like and comes in a lovely pink colour with no complications.

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Fun Reasons You Should Be Drinking Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato

Posted on 06 19, 2017

Carlo Rossi is one of the largest bottled wine brands in the world, ranking among...

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Why the Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White Wears a Gold Crown

Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White |

Gold crowns are meant for royalties, and when it comes to wines, the Carlo Rossi brand is certainly a royalty in its own right.

Not only does the Carlo Rossi wine variations come at a highly affordable price, they are the perfect party pour coming in exotic fruity flavours.

With millennials falling head over heels in love with Moscato wines, the Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White serenades itself as one of the best in ht stores.

It comes in a lovely bottle, soft-sparkly colour – and of course wears a gold crown.

Here are 5 reasons you should be drinking Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White:

It comes from E & J Gallo Winery

Founded in 1933 by brothers Ernest and Julio Gallo, the Modeste California-based winery is steeped in the family tradition of making the best wines.

At a time, the Carlo Rossi brand was the second best selling brand in the United States just to prove how epic the E & J Gallo tradition is.

So don’t you think a Moscato wine from such a renowned winery deserves a gold crown? We surely think so.

The taste is amazing

A sweet and fruity white wine with hints of orange, peach and apple, the Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White gives off an amazing taste on the palate.

The refreshing taste immediately attests to why moscato wines have become the in-thing among young people.

Also layered with floral notes to create very fresh flavours, it can best be enjoyed chilled. Another mark of royalty right?

Pairs well with food

The sweetness of the Carlo Rossi Moscato White goes well with a wide range of meals. From fruits, cheeses, fries to mildly sweet desserts, the light and crisp taste of the drink goes down well.

Beautifully balanced, dry and restrained, its racy acidity makes the mouth water even after the meal is over – just don’t be a glutton.

The Carlo Rossi Red might be prominent for its perfect food pairs, but the Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White is the reason we believe white wines are not just for celebrations alone.

Youthful and Spirited

Just for being a Moscato wine, the Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White has gotten a pass mark from millennials.

Made popular by rappers like Drake and Nicki Minaj, Moscato wines are on the zenith of wines being drunk by young people.

But the Carlo Rossi Moscato is much more youthful and spirited being a popular brand from one of America’s most premium wineries.

Great price point

Did we say something about it being affordable? Well if we did, here we are repeating it again.

Apparently for a wine so good to come at such affordable price, it is worth all the fuss.

It is more like having a slice of heaven – no two slices- delivered to you by a chariot of sweetly singing angels.




Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White |
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Why the Carlo Rossi Moscato Sweet White Wears a Gold Crown

Posted on 06 05, 2017

Gold crowns are meant for royalties, and when it comes to wines, the Carlo Rossi...

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