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How ‘The Wedding Party 2’ Sold Bollinger Champagne to Us

Bollinger - The Wedding Party |

Champagnes have always been part of celebrations and weddings are one of the most important life ceremonies.

A recent report by CNN said the Nigerian wedding industry is worth millions of dollars, according to the market research group, TNS Global. A good part of the budget for most weddings goes for drinks, before, during and after the wedding, and champagne is a regular feature on the menu.

‘The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai’ covers the expensive nature of Nigerian weddings – a theme that is prevalent in the first installment of the film.

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In partnership with Diageo, the film also displays some of the brands, in both the spirits and beer category, that are regularly ordered for wedding parties in Nigeria. While there was no particular attention given to the drinks in part one except for visibility, particular attention was given to a champagne in part two.

Recall the scene on the yacht when Nonso Onwuka (Enyinna Igwe) announces his engagement to Deardre Winston (Daniella Down)? Shortly before the Onwuka and the Cokers are seated for that dinner, Tinuade Coker ( Sola Sobowale) requests for a special French champagne to be brought. As they get settled, a bottle of Bollinger champagne is brought to the table.

Wondering what Bollinger Champagne is?

Bollinger Champagne is made by the prestigious Bollinger House of Champagne in France. Founded in 1829, the family-owned brand makes uncompromising rich and powerful champagne styles offering great potential longevity and complexity.

In ‘The Wedding Party 2’, Sola Sobowale distinctly announces the French roots of the champagne, with particular mention of its hallowed wine-making style. She practically turns down the champagne on the menu for Bollinger to further heighten the preference of the classic Pinot-dominant champagnes.

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Bollinger uses only the first pressing of high-quality grapes from vineyards in the Marne (ie. Bollinger never uses grapes from the Aube region). It is fermented in oak barrels, making the Champagne well-suited to aging in the cellar.

Under the Bollinger name, the family produces the following wines: Special Cuvée (non-vintage), Grande Année (vintage), R.D. (vintage), Vieille Vignes Françaises (vintage), and Coteaux Champenois La Côte aux Enfants (vintage).

To better understand the reason why this champagne was a relevant feature in the record-breaking film, order a bottle for yourself. The beautiful rounded structure combined with rich, complex and intense aromas will leave you partying all the way beyond the wedding ceremony.




Bollinger - The Wedding Party |

How ‘The Wedding Party 2’ Sold Bollinger Champagne to Us

Posted on 01 30, 2018

Champagnes have always been part of celebrations and weddings are one of the most important...

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