Beer Myths |

8 Beer Myths Proven Untrue

Beer Myths Proven Untrue There are so many myths surrounding this great beverage and some of them might actually be preventing you from properly enjoying your beer. 1. Myth -Beer should be served ice-cold      Fact-  Flavours emerge properly with a bit of warmth The best temperature to serve a beer depends on the…

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Beer Benefits |

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Beer

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Beer   Not only does drinking beer make you feel amazing and like a champion, it has really awesome benefits too! Here are five benefits of drinking beer, according to science. 1. Beer fights weight gain and high cholesterol A study conducted at Oregon State showed that mice given a high-fat diet and xanthohumol (“a natural flavor…

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Beer Etiquette |

Beer etiquette : Do’s and Don’ts

Beer etiquette : Do’s and Don’ts Beer is an amazing and fascinating beverage, and we’ve put together a list to help you enrich your beer drinking experience. Yes! It can get better. 1. Don’t drink your Beer ice-cold Everyone enjoys a nice chilled beer, and freezing cold temperatures don’t necessarily spoil your beer, however they…

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history of Diageo |

Diageo Changes Beer Business Name

Global beverage alcohol company Diageo PLC  is dropping Guinness from the name of its  U.S. beer business. The company is going to change from Diageo-Guinness USA (DGUSA) to Diageo Beer Company USA.  Following several months of strategy work to help best position the company’s U.S. beer business for the future, it was decided that the group’s name should…

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Nigerian Beer Star |

Top 5 Nigerian Beers

Top 5 Nigerian Beers Nigerians love their beer , and beer parlours where people go to drink and relax are actually a pretty common sight. Nigerians consume close to 18 million Hectolitres of beer every year, coming second only to South Africa. Foreign beers are popular among Nigerians, however there are a lot of locally…

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Wine and Beer |

Wine in Africa and Beer in Nigeria

Wine in Africa The Eikendal Stellenbosch Winery South Africa was recently named as the most exciting new world wine producing Nation owing to the variety of wineries and the diverse nature of the wines which they produce. Of the 150+ wineries located in South Africa’s Cape Wine lands, Men’s’ Journal has hailed Eikendal Stellenbosch as…

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Fun Beer Laws across the globe

Fun Beer Laws from Across the Globe! It is unbelievable just how antiquated, and in some cases, simply bizarre certain laws on the regulation of beer can be. Even more surprisingly, some of them are still considered ‘good law’! I thought I would share my top 11 ‘fun beer laws’ with you, have a read…

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