Alcohol and Creativity |

How Alcohol Makes You More Creative

Whether in form of business innovation, artistic creations, scientific experiments, creativity is something we all crave for – even more than alcohol. Often times, we engage in certain rituals in the hope to boost our creativity. Meditation, sleep, exercise and alcohol are some of the means through which we try to bring our creativity to life….

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Beer |

Five Ways to Enjoy Your Beer Better

Beer is arguably the most popular alcohol beverage in the world today. To prove that, there is hardly any bar you walk into that you won’t find a bottle of beer, except it exclusively does not deal in beer. However, as popular as beer may be, many people are still at sea about how best…

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Truths_About_Alcohol |

5 Truths You Never Knew About Alcohol

Like every other aspect of human activity, drinking alcohol comes with its own myths which people have come to believe as truths. There are some who believe that eating before drinking will reduce the level of intoxication. There are also others who feel that brown spirits cause more severe hangovers than their clear counterparts. Don’t…

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Beer Myths |

8 Beer Myths Proven Untrue

Beer Myths Proven Untrue There are so many myths surrounding this great beverage and some of them might actually be preventing you from properly enjoying your beer. 1. Myth -Beer should be served ice-cold      Fact-  Flavours emerge properly with a bit of warmth The best temperature to serve a beer depends on the…

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