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Lagos Places Ban On Live Bands At Beer Parlours, Restaurants & Lounges

Ban on Live Bands |

The Lagos State Government has placed a ban on live band music at beer parlours, restaurants, lounges  and food joints in the state.

Also, religious houses, which includes Churches and Mosques, have been ordered to make use of sound proof in order to reduce noise pollution within the city.

The move came in response to repeated petitions by residents, who were lamenting the frequent disturbance from the beer parlour, club and religious houses.

The ban comes with a fine of N500, 000 for any defaulter.

While emphasizing on the ban of live band at joints and other places, the General Manager‎, Lagos State Environment Protection Agency, LASEPA, Adebola Shabi warned:”‎any complaint from the residents henceforth, there will be sanction. They must obtain permit to do so and failure to obtain permit, the fine is N500, 000. We must discourage needless noise making at our residences.”

In addition to the ban, the LASEPA boss also raised an alarm over the  rate at which residents unknowingly consumed poisonous water through underground sources, warning petrol stations in the state to install monitoring well in their filling stations or face serious sanction.

According to him, “We have mandated all the petrol stations in Lagos State to install monitoring well and we will start the enforcement any moment from Easter holiday. This order was given in September last year. This is to check self regulation. This is to check leakage from their underground facilities.  A two-year research was also conducted in LASEPA.

“We picked over 100 water samples from Alimosho, being the most populous area in the state, down to Epe. You will be amazed that out of the water samples we took only few are good for consumption. When we have these results, ours is to interpret with statistical model. After  we examine the cause of the problem in the water, we discovered that the highest cause was petroleum product in the water, the others were microbial load due to the proximity of the well or boreholes to the soak away.

“Most people just call labourers to come and dig their boreholes without consideration for the flow of ground water.  The monitoring well must be done by a technically inclined person because they must look at the flow of the oil and the water. The same way when digging borehole, the flow of the water must be considered with flow of the soak away. All these will help in averting needless deaths and diseases. But most of the contaminated water in the state are as a result of petrochemical substance in them due to the citing of the petrol station in residential areas.  We all know that petrol substances penetration in the ground is faster, especially when the ground is not clayish.”

Ban on Live Bands |
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Lagos Places Ban On Live Bands At Beer Parlours, Restaurants & Lounges

Posted on 03 22, 2017

The Lagos State Government has placed a ban on live band music at beer parlours,...

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