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20 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Bacardí Rums

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20 Bacardi Rum Facts

Did you know that Bacardi Limited is based in Bermuda? Or that it owns  Grey Goose vodka? If your answer to any of these questions was no , then this is for you! We’ve rounded up 20 very interesting and little-known facts about Bacardí Limited.

  1. Bacardí was founded by a Spanish wine merchant called Facundo Bacardí Massó on Feb. 4, 1862, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  2. Originally, Bacardí sold white rum, but nowadays it features many more products, including Grey Goose vodka, Cazadores tequila, Bombay Sapphire, and Martini vermouth
  3. The company headquarters are now in Hamilton, Bermuda, but the company owns 29 production facilities in total.
  4. The Fruit Bat is used as Bacardi’s symbol because Facundo’s wife, Doña Amalia Bacardí, saw fruit bats in the family’s distillery, and knowing they were a symbol of good luck, she insisted it be used as Bacardí’s symbol
  5. The coconut palm is associated with the brand because a tree from the variety was planted outside the original distillery and died just weeks after the company was ousted from Cuba due to the revolution. That’s how the saying “The Bacardi Company will survive in Cuba so long as the Coconut Palm lives” came out.
  6. In 1898, an American engineer living in Cuba created the daiquiri for his copper-mining crews, using fresh-squeezed lime juice, sugar, shaved ice, and Bacardí Superior rum.
  7. The Cuba Libre also originally included Bacardí, according to the brand. American soldiers celebrating their win at the Spanish-American War requested their Coca-Cola be mixed with the rum, in 1900.
  8. The brand acquired its Puerto Rican facility, the largest rum distillery in the world, in the 1930s.
  9. During Prohibition, an airline advertisement asked Americans to “Fly to Cuba and Bathe in Bacardí rum.
  10. In 1936, the brand won a lawsuit in New York City that prohibits any Bacardí cocktail to be made with another rum.
  11. Bacardi Rum is enjoyed in more than 150 countries around the world.
  12. Bacardi Rum is enjoyed in 7.2 Billion Cocktails per year. If all the 7.2 billion cocktails were placed in a row, it would circle the whole world nearly 9 times and take a 224,000 mile long bar top.
  13. Every second 228 Bacardi Cocktails are enjoyed somewhere in the world.
  14. Bacardi is recognized as the world’s most mixable spirit which inspired the creation of many cocktails like the Original Bacardi Cuba Libre.
  15. More than 60 million original Bacardi Cuba Libre cocktails are enjoyed everyday around the world. That’s almost 70 cocktails per second and more than 180 million a month.
  16. Since the creation of Bacardi Rum, more than 80 billion cocktails have been served worldwide
  17. Each perfectly served Bacardi Rum should have 6 ice cubes.
  18. The amount of ice used in Bacardi cocktails since 1862 can fill 23,652 Olympic sized pools.
  19. In 150 years, Bacardi Rum has won 400 awards making it the most award Rum in history.
  20. The Daiquiri cocktail was created using Bacardi Rum.
Barcardi Rum |

20 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Bacardí Rums

Posted on 07 31, 2016

20 Bacardi Rum Facts Did you know that Bacardi Limited is based in Bermuda? Or...

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