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5 Fun Facts About Andre Pink Moscato

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More than just being one of the most exciting Moscato wine brands out there, Andre Pink Moscato has a lot to it that many do not know about.

There are just simple fun things that prove it is surely an exotic brand.

But first, what is Andre Pink Moscato?

Andre Pink Moscato is a sweet sparkling wine with notes of refreshing strawberry, honey and tangerines. It is a must-go to wine for lovers of citrus and cherry flavours; not just sparkling, but coming in a cool and sweet pink colour.

The popularity of moscato as a variety of sparkling wine serves the purpose of Andre Pink Moscato in terms of the fun and elegance that resonates about the drink.

So what more is there to know about Andre Pink Moscato?

Here are 5 amazing things you might have missed about the drink:

Colour of Pride

You definitely see that the wine is pink, but do you know how it gets its colour?

Like other pink wines, the Andre Pink Moscato gets its colour from a splash of red wine, not from the skin of the grape. That should not lead you into thinking it is a rose wine – it still is a sparkling wine, just coloured pink.

Tweet Away

There are about 250 tweets on the average about people drinking Moscato wines. We can bet that a good number out of that 250 are having a glass of Andre Pink Moscato.

Hello Ladies!

Pink just doesn’t colour the sparkling wine, it is attractive to the ladies too. Even the Andre website announces the drink as “a fashion accessory for any outfit,” because the green bottle of Brut may not match a lady’s new clutch.

Nothing says gentlemen cannot share in this California goodness from anywhere in the world.

After all, what a woman can do, a man can also do right?

Older than the Millennials

While Andre Pink Moscato has suddenly become one of the ‘IT’ drink for most millennials, its grape, Muscat, is one of the world’s oldest known grapes. Also, the grape is one of, if not, the most versatile.

Perfect Canvass

The sweetness and the refreshing aroma of Andre Pink Moscato makes it a perfect canvass to make all sorts of cocktail drinks.

With a  6.5% ABV, the California sparkling wine blends well with other beverages to bring out the most exciting cocktails your palates won’t regret tasting.

From Mandre Mimosa to the MoscatoPink Punch, the Pink Strawberry Sangria to the Moscato Lemonade, Andre Pink Moscato is just best choice.

Andre Sparkling Wine |
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5 Fun Facts About Andre Pink Moscato

Posted on 05 31, 2017

More than just being one of the most exciting Moscato wine brands out there, Andre...

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