Lagers are beer types fermented and conditioned under low temperatures. It is brewed using a bottom fermentation where the yeast sinks to the bottom of the fermentation pot for a clean, crisp and refreshing finish. They are usually pale or golden-coloured in appearance, highly carbonated and have a medium to high hops flavour. Lagers are the most popular beer types in the world and stocks all your favourite lager brands like Budweiser, Heineken, Star, Gulder, Hero, Harp and Goldberg. Get shopping now!

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Star Can -33Cl - (x6 Cans)

Star Can -33Cl – (x6 Cans)

Star Lager Beer is an American styled lager brewed by Nigerian Breweries Plc from the finest ingredients. Created in 1949 as Nigeria's first indigeniously brewed beer brand, Star is brewed to express a malty, dry and semisweet nose. The taste is also malty with undertones of freshly cut grass and…

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Heineken Can -33Cl - (x6 Cans)

Heineken Can -33Cl – (x6 Cans)

Heineken is an internationally acclaimed Eurpoean style pale lager invented by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1873. Coloured a clear, golden amber, Heineken has a moderate white head with aromas of new leather, honey, and overripe banana. The palate is light-bodied, malty cereal and fruity yeast with bitterness of hops. The…

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Gulder Can -33Cl - (x6 Cans)

Gulder Can -33Cl – (x6 Cans)

Gulder Lager (Nigeria) is brewed with a little bit of sorghum according to Nigeria's beer law by Nigerian Breweries. The American Adjunct style lager has amlty sweet aroma with a hazy golden colour and small head. The taste is musty with notes of spoiled malt and sweet corn. The finish…

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