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Eva Sparkling Red Wine -75CL

Eva Sparkling Red Wine -75CL

Eva Sparkling Red Wine is a non-alcoholic red grapefruit drink from Spain without any added preservatives, sweetening agent, or sugar. Eva sparkling red wine can be taken chilled and can be paired with virtually any meal as its non-alcoholic nature makes it perfect for any type of event. Eva Non-Alcoholic…

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Eva Sparkling Red Wine -75CL - (x6 Bottles)

Eva Sparkling Red Wine -75CL – (x6 Bottles)

Eva Non Alcoholic Sparkling Juice was first made in Spain in the ’90s and has been distributed by Chas E. Ramson Ltd for over 10 years. Eva Non Alcoholic Sparkling red wine is regarded as alcohol-free red grapefruit juice with no added preservatives, sugar, or sweetening agent, this juice is the…

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