Pop Star Lady Gaga to Launch Her Own Wine, "Grigio Girls" | www.drinks.ng

World famous American singer, songwriter, actress and record producer Lady Gaga has handed over paperwork to “produce wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails and wine punches” under the brand name “Grigio Girls”.

Grigio Girls is the name of a track off the deluxe edition of her 2016 album Joanne, and in an interview last year with Radio.com, Gaga said the song was inspired by a friend battling stage-four cancer. “It’s about how me and all of our girlfriends would get together and cry without her when she’s not around, because we love her so much”, she explained. The tune’s chorus suggests these crying sessions would involve lots of wine:

All the Pinot, Pinot Grigio girls
Pour your heart out
Watch your blues turn gold
All the Pinot, Pinot Grigio girls
Keep it real cold
‘Cause it’s a fired-up world

Gaga started to consider doing business in the wine industry after going on a 2012 retreat to Sonoma Valley with then-boyfriend Taylor Kinney, and has been keen on growing her own grapes since. It was revealed at the time that she saw a vineyard as a business investment and something she could work on when her pop career came to an end.

Though she’s yet to publicly announce her decision to be winemaker of Grigio Girls, when she does, Gaga will join a long line of celebrity oenophiles. Stars like Drew Barrymore, Brangelina and Francis Ford Coppola have previously released their own wines under different labels and in 2013, Wine Spectator even rated Brangelina’s rosé, the Jolie-Pitt & Perrin Côtes de Provence Rosé Miraval, the best in the world.

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