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The Nigerian Guide to Pairing Wine Perfectly with Beef.

Nigerians love their meat, and beef is a particular favourite. Beef has such great potential when it comes to wine pairings.  Here is the Nigerian guide to pairing wine perfectly with beef. Whether it’s stewed, grilled, fried or roasted,this pairing guide will show you sensational pairings for this succulent meat.

Beef Stews:

For your delicious peppery beef stews, go for full bodied red wines. These dishes just scream out for full-bodied reds. We’re talking well structured Bordeaux wines  , top quality Shiraz  or  Merlot.

Roasted Beef:

Roasted beef is usually filled with lots of spices that give it an incredibly rich flavour. Good quality roasted beef should be paired with wine of equally great quality. Imagine a plate of steaming hot jollof rice, roasted beef and the perfect glass of red wine. Bliss. Don’t be afraid to whip out something nice that you’ve been saving or splash out on something special—you won’t regret it.The key points here are ensuring you find something that is well-structured, mature, complex, and bold. We suggest this English  Cabernet Sauvignon. However, a good Shiraz blend would do the trick too. Age is the key here; you want something that has had time to mature.

Fried Beef:

Fried beef is oh so yummy, and deep fried beef  and a nice glass of champagne is perfect for entertaining guests. However, if you must have red wine, we recommend that you go for a full bodied red wine. A Merlot or a Shiraz would cut through the fatty exterior and bring out the true flavour of the beef.

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