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Opening a bottle of champagne can be one of the toughest things to do even for an avid drinker of the luxurious sparkling wine from France. If you have ever felt the embarrassment of handing over a bottle to someone else just because you don’t know how to go about opening, then this article is for you.

Many drinkers who have tried to pop open a bottle have told the funny story of the cork flying across the room or bursting a hole in the ceiling, while half the contents of the bottle end up on the floor.

However, opening a bottle of champagne is relatively easy once you have acquired the skill. It appears difficult at first, but after a few tries, it should not become as simple as twisting open a your pet bottle of Coca Cola.

So how do you open a bottle of champagne?

1. Loosen the cage

The first step to successfully pop open your bottle of sparkly is to unlock the cage around the cork before lifting it off. It is best not to take off the cage entirely, but it should be loose enough so it comes off easily from the bottle.

2. Don’t let go of the cage

Place your hand over the cage along with the cork to avoid the cork flying off once the champagne is opened. The fermentation process of making champagne builds up pressure in the bottle which can make the bottle explode or send the cork flying off the room if you take your hand off the cage and cork.

3. Hold and rotate

Hold the bottle gently at a 45-degree angle and rotate the base of the bottle. While doing this, keep the cork still, moving only the bottle. The cage and cork should come off at the same time, and you will feel the pressure as the cork starts to push out. You should hear a small pop and a fizzing noise as you slowly pull the cork out.

4. Don’t let go

Once the cork comes off, it will help to hold the champagne bottle still at a 45-degree angle for a few seconds to avoid any spillage.Then go ahead and pour your champagnes into individual flutes. It is advisable to pour slowly, as the bubbles will rise quickly and foam up the flute for a few seconds, in the same way soda would.

This article first appeared in Spirit Magazine blog

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