Moët Hennessy Now Sponsors Weddings |

Finally ready to tie the knot with the love of your life? Thinking of every way to make your bachelor’s eve, bridal shower or wedding reception perfect? Well, Moët Hennessy – one of the world’s largest champagne producers – is bringing you something really special! The luxurious house has been part of our celebrations for centuries and wants to add that magical touch of class to your union!

Moët Hennessy Now Sponsors Weddings |

All you need to do is order a minimum of 50 cases of Moët Hennessy brands using our Event Calculator, and the prominent Champagne House will help your merrymaking be that much more glamorous with:

  • A Moët & Chandon Bar, for welcome drinks and services throughout the wedding.
  • Management of drinks service.
  • Professional bartenders and hostesses (Event will determine number).
  • Drinks support for bachelor’s eve or bridal shower.
  • Celebrity DJs like DJ Obi, DJ Factor, DJ Java and DJ Neptune.
  • Professional photography coverage.
  • A personalised magnum gold bottle of champagne; a special gift from Moët Hennessy to the couple.

Requirements for sponsorship from Moët Hennessy are listed below:

  • Purchase of Moët bottles: The decision of supporting based on purchase volume will be based on the discretion of the Moët marketing team and will depend on the volume purchased and size of the wedding (minimum volume expected: 50 cases x 6)
  • Exclusivity: All champagnes and spirits purchased for the wedding must fall within the Moët Hennessy portfolio.

Order at least 50 cases of Moët Hennessy from our Event Planner now! Our Event Planner is an easy-to-use tool for optimising your event’s drinks budget. Get the best variety of alcoholic beverages for all kinds of events without spending more than you want to today!

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