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Doing body shots is a true party turn on. It takes ordinary drinking into a more intense, alcohol-filled party.

The beauty of the game is that it can be played by just two. So if you are the type who does not love wild parties or the hopeless romantic, you can still get turned up playing body shots with your lover at home.

Tequila is the traditional drink used for most body shots, but there is no crime in shooting away with vodka if tequila is not available. You can as well replace salt with lemon or sugar too.

How to play

Get a pair of dice, paper, a pen and, of course, your preferred liquor. Write down six (it can be more than that) body parts and assign numbers to them on a piece of paper. Also, write down how each shot will be taken on a particular, like a lick or a suck.

To play, take turns to roll the dice. One dice determines where on the body the shot will be taken and the second determines how it’ll be taken. Take one the papers to see where you will be taking your shot from, and how to take your shot.

For the beginners

All you will need is a shot glass, a partner, a lime wedge and some coarse salt. Give the lime wedge to your partner, who should hold the rind between his or her teeth with the flesh pointing outward. Sprinkle some salt on the area of your partner’s exposed skin where you will be taking the shot from. Traditionally, it’s either the belly button or the area where the shoulder and neck meet.

Fill your shot glass with liquor and drink it. Quickly lick the salt off your partner’s skin, then grab the lime wedge from your partner’s mouth and suck the juice from it. If you manage not to bump heads or miss the salt, you’ve completed your body shot.

For advanced players

For this variant of the body shot, do away with the shot glass. You will be drinking your liquor straight off your partner’s body. Have your partner lie on a flat surface (traditionally a  bar; you can also use a bed or table if you don’t have a bar at home). Set up the salt and lime wedge as in the first variant, then pour some liquor into a concave part of his/her body. This is traditionally the belly button, but it could also be the small of the back. Drink up the liquor, lick up the salt and grab the lime wedge.

In some instances, the shot glass is placed on an area of the body, and the other player has to drink up using only his mouth – no hands.


Body shots help to break the ice with someone you are just meeting. However, be sure that your partner has totally agreed to play the game, and has not been pressurized.

We are not giving out relationship advice, but for those looking to spice up their sex lives in their relationship, playing body shot with your significant other sets the pace to spark up the romance.

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