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Do You Know Your Wine Glasses?

Written by Posted on 02 05, 2018
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Wine glasses are as important as the content of the wine bottle itself. Why? Because using the right wine glass brings out the full aromas and flavours of the wine.

While many of us enjoy drinking wine, we miss out on the perfect experience because of the kind of glasses we pour our wine into.

The basic wine glasses are the red wine and white wine glass. However, there are different glasses for different wine styles – red, white, rose.

We bring you the different types of wine glasses you should know and use.


  • It is usually taller than the traditional red wine glass
  • It has a large bowl that allows both fresh and more matured wines to breathe.
  • Brings out the depth of aromas for from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc wines.


  • It has a large bowl and slightly tapered rim
  • It is the perfect glass for full-bodied wines as it blends acidity with moderate sweet tannins.


  • This is the standard red wine glass
  • It is tall with a full-size bowl to aerate the wine
  • It has a tapered rim that directs the wine to the centre of the palate.

Pinot Noir

  • It is tall with a narrower rim that directs the wine to the tip of the tongue
  • It is designed specifically for lighter full-bodied wines
  • It suppresses the alcohol and enhances the blend of sweetness and high acidity


  • It has large bowl on a short stem
  • The tapered rim directs the wine to the mid-section of the palate
  • It enhances the spicy and fruity finish of the wines


  • Just like the Cabernet is to red wines, the Chardonnay is the traditional white wine glass
  • It has a large bowl to aerate fresh wines
  • It enhances the spicy and nutty flavours of more matured wines

Champagne/Sparkling Wine Flutes

  • It is stylishly slim and tall to make the bubbles stay longer
  • The slim nature creates aesthetics of the bubbles floating upwards
  • It enhances the richness and complexity of champagnes and sparkling wines

Sweet Wines

  • Elegant in shape with a narrowed rim
  • It has a smaller bowl for more concentrated flavours
  • It sets off the acidity and sweetness of dessert wines


  • It is designed for light and crisp white wines
  • The bowl aids the acidity of wines
  • It is perfect for all types of white wines


  • It has a short bowl with a tapered rim and flared lip
  • It minimizes the bite and enhances the sweetness of crisp rose wines
  • The flared lip directs the wine to the tip of the tongue where the sweet taste buds are strongest.

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