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Johnnie Walker Prices

Johnnie Walker Red Label 70cl |

Originally called Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky, Johnnie Walker is a Scotch whisky brand that offers a wide range of whisky blends.

From giving the whisky to sailors take it to wherever ships went, it grew to being sold in 120 countries by 1920. Today it is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world and is sold in almost every country.

The brand, which became popular after the founder, John “Johnnie” Walker’s death in 1857, made an annual sales of the equivalent of over 226.2 million 750 ml bottles in 2015 (169.2 million litres).

That shows just how powerful the brand is, being immortalized by “songwriters and filmmakers, idolised by socialites and movie stars, enjoyed by statesmen and walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the great sportsmen and women of the age,” acccording to the drink’s official website.

What are the prices of Johnnie Walker labels in Nigeria?

Thinking of spicing up your party with one of the amazing Johnnie Walker labels? Here are Johnnie Walker prices in Nigeria:

Product Size Amount in Carton Unit Price (NGN) Carton Price (NGN)
Johnnie Walker Blue 70cl 6 60, 856 323,006
Johnnie Walker Red 70cl 12 3,788 40,210
Johnnie Walker Red 20cl 24 1,433 30,429
Johnnie Walker Black 70cl 12 8,565 85,390
Johnnie Walker Black 1 litre 12 11,398 120,992
Johnny Walker Red 1 Litre 12 5,210 55,304
Johnny Walker Red 4.5cl 3 26,845 71,243
Johnnie Walker Black  4.5cl  3  55,055  146,108
Johnny Walker Gold RSV  70cl  6 18,200  96,600
Johnny Walker Platinum  70cl  6  25,105  133,248
Johnnie Walker Black Label  37.5cl  24  4,522  95,996
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