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Jack Daniel’s Prices

Written by Posted on 03 06, 2017
Jack Daniels Old No 7 |

Jack Daniel’s is one of the first brands that will come to mind when whiskey is mentioned. It could be because it is one of the top selling whiskey brands in the world or maybe because it is America’s most famous whiskey.

Founded by Jasper Newton Daniel in 1886 with help from a slave named Nearis Green, the brand has grown over the years to become a choice drink for special occasions.

The unique thing about the brand is that it could actually pass for a bourbon, but the company chooses rather to market it as a Tennessee whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s is made from corn, rye and malted barley, and is distilled in copper stills. The distilled drink is then filtered through 10-foot (3.0 m) stacks of sugar maple charcoal in a process referred to as “mellowing”.

According to the company, this extra mellowing step, also called the Lincoln County Process, removes impurities and the taste of corn and differentiates it from bourbon.

So what is Jack Daniel’s price in Nigeria? Or how much does a carton of Jack Daniel’s cost?

Product Size Amount in Carton

Unit Price (NGN)

Carton Price (NGN)
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

75 cl




Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack 75 cl



150, 938

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel 75 cl





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