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7 Tips For Storing Champagne in Nigeria

Written by Posted on 09 06, 2016
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7 Tips For Storing Champagne in Nigeria

Champagne is a bubbly, fizzy celebratory wine made in the Champagne region of France. Most people buy champagne to bring to celebrations such as New Year’s, holidays, and weddings. However, some people like to keep bottles of champagne on hand in case of some unexpected good news, or simply because it is an important item in a well-rounded and complete wine collection. Conditions for storing champagne must be just right to ensure it keeps well in the bottle, and tastes good when it is time to drink. It is important to know how to store champagne properly especially because of the erratic power supply

1. Pick the right room your champagne storage.

If you don’t have a wine cellar, use a cool dark and dry space for storing champagne.  Ensure the area is kept free of random objects , so you don’t trip and fall into the bottles.  It is also important to keep in mind that the room or area that the champagne is being stored has very little vibrations. This is to prevent the vibrations from causing bottles to fall and break.

2. Insulate your storage room.

The room chosen should be well insulated to protect the champagne from excessive hot or cold temperatures. The flooring should also be hard, like wood or concrete (something other than carpet). Carpet lets in and holds onto too much moisture. In the event that a bottle breaks, it will also be much easier to clean up the champagne off a hard surface.

3. Control the light in your storage room.

Exposed or open windows let in light which can raise the temperature of the room, and change the chemical makeup of your champagne. Windows should be covered at all times with thick curtains that can be pinned together. If you have blinds in your windows they should be closed as well.

4. Use a storage rack.

The rack used for storage does not need to be fancy or pretty. It simply needs space cut out to hold bottles of champagne. As a general guide to go off of, a storage rack which is 10 ft. long X 8 ft. high X 2 ft. deep can hold about 125 bottles. Place the rack in the space dedicated to storing the champagne. Try to keep it on or near the floor, where temperatures are typically the coolest.

5. Store opened bottles in the fridge.

Invest in a high-quality metal stopper which will prevent air from reaching the contents of the bottle. Lay the bottle horizontally in the fridge which will maintain an evenness in tone and taste. Try to place it somewhere where it will not be bothered much. If you place it on a shelf which is constantly used, or a drawer that needs to be opened, this can stir the champagne and cause it to lose much its flavour.

6. Store your bottles in the correct position

The length of time you plan to store your champagne for will determine the position you store your bottle in. If you are only storing a champagne bottle for a month, you should keep it upright, in a cool place guarded from light. However, if you plan on storing your bottle for longer, perhaps years, you should store the bottle lying down. If you have a bottle that needs to be stored long-term, and therefore on its side, you can lay bottles on top of one another for more compact storage. On the other hand, short-term stored bottles will need to stand next to each other (never on top of one another). If you have a larger sized bottle, it is best to store this for longer periods of time. The added time allows for a slower, more even maturation when it comes to the taste and quality of the champagne.

7. Refrigerate champagne before serving it.

Decide on the bottle you plan to serve, and take the bottle and place it in your refrigerator for at least a couple hours before you plan to serve it. The goal is to get the champagnehttp:// to drop in temperature, down to 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. If you forgot to take the bottle out in time, simply place the bottle in your freezer for 15 minutes to cool it down. Do not wait any longer than that, otherwise the wine will freeze, and the bottle could shatter.

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