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How To Choose Champagne

Written by Posted on 09 07, 2016
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How To Choose Champagne

The right bubbly can bring life to any party or even brighten up a dull day. It can be hard to select the perfect bottle of Champagne, with the variety of Champagne brands on the market. The first rule to remember is that it’s only Champagne if it was produced in the region of Champagne in  France. Anything produced outside of this region is sparkling wine. Here are few tips to help you choose Champagnes.

1. Have a budget

The first thing you need to do is decide on a price range. Cheap champagne is usually not original champagne but sparkling wine produced outside the champagne region. Medium priced champagne, the original being produced in the Champagne of France, is usually moderately priced. The moderately low priced ones are usually French mass production (e.g. Moët & Chandon or Veuve Clicquot), while the moderately high priced ones are usually  quite enjoyable vintage selections (such as a few Dom Pérignons). Exclusive champagnes that are of a special brand or quality range are usually very expensive (e.g. vintage selections of “Champagne Krug” for a few hundred dollars, or champagne from 1907, found in the sunk Titanic, sold for around $10k/bottle in 2010).

2. Decide on a bottle size

Champagne is sold in various sizes leading from very small (125ml) to extremely large bottles (up to 27 liters). Sizes above 3 liters are usually more expensive because the bottles are much harder to make.

3. Decide on taste, sparkle intensity and color preferences.

There are a 3 basic differences amongst champagnes : Colour, taste and sparkle intensity. Colour usually rages from silver to amber to pink. The intensity that the champagne sparkles and the size of its bubbles (“pearls”) is not only determined by the champagne’s temperature but also by the very nature of the champagne. As a rule of thumb, champagne that hardly sparkles in your mouth is either not cold enough, of bad quality or might have been left open for too long. Too many pearls of big size (such as in a glass of coke) is not the way to go for quality champagne. The pearls of a good champagne are usually very small sized. The sparkling intensity (=how many pearls) depends entirely on your personal preference. As with wine, tastes of champagne vary a lot, usually being dry with any combination of an oaky, toasty, fruity, citrus, vanilla, or spicy notes. It all depends on your personal preferences.

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