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Hennessy Artistry

Written by Posted on 02 26, 2016
Hennessy Artistry |

Hennessy Artistry

Hennessy Artistry is an exclusive invitation only musical platform and a celebration of global musical talent which has boasted a fusion of eclectic music genres since it was first launched in 2006. As the brand has a self confessed “commitment to the global art of mixing” It has obtained an established presence within the music industry on an international level.

Hennessy Artistry boasts influential events through Africa, Asia, Europe and America; firmly establishing itself as a key event in Nigeria when it first launched in Nigeria in 2007 with the innovative concept of the “battle of the bar tenders” only to eclipse this in 2008 with a “DJ battle” between Nigeria’s premier DJs!

Although the 2008 even was deemed hard to surpass, Hennessy came back strong in 2009, challenging 5 of Nigeria’s most prominent music producers to devise and implement 4 live contests between 5 of Nigeria’s hottest artists! Since then, Hennessy Artistry has gone from strength to strength, headlining International Best Selling Nigerian Artist D’Banj at last year’s event!

The date of this year’s Hennessy Artistry Event and its headlining artist is yet to be announced; for further information on Hennessy Artistry check out their website at:

Hennessy Artistry sponsors:

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