Hennessy Artistry is a unique integrated global platform that brings the “art of blending” to life by creating exception consumer moments through a fusion of music, art, culture and creative talent.

Since 2009, Hennessy Artistry has become an integral part of Nigeria’s social-Creating Iconic Moments, Exposing Talent, and creating collaborations across various music genres via the Hennessy Artistry Cyphers, VS Class, Artistry Club tours and the Hennessy Artistry Finale Concert.

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Os’s work ranges from portraits of iconic characters to scenic images, brand designs, abstract art, and tribal art designs that appeal to the human emotions. Osa tends to doodle on anything he can lay his hands on, as his wandering pen is constantly itching to tell a story.

Osa is a visual communications graduate from the University of Lagos. His background, working in brand communications and his eye for detail, allow him to effectively bring brand ideas to life through digital design, and physical brand activations. He has worked with different street art media, and major brands including, Globacom, MTV Base, Diageo, Chicken Republic, Live mechanic, and Empire Mates Entertainment. Some of his popular work includes a live graffiti art performance on the MTV Base Guinness #MADEOFBLACK campaign and the award-winning Superstar album art for Wizkid.He is passionate about giving back to the society, and thus engages in social outreach, and NGO activities across Nigeria. He uses his art to promote social causes and raise awareness on societal issues.


A blend of our Best

On the surface we are a diverse group of people. However on our insides we have the same “blood” and “spirit”. The common thread that runs through every one of us is the commitment to rise above our daily struggles to express our hope and do more than dream.

This art title “A blend of our best” by Osa Seven seeks to capture the beauty of who we are as a resilient people. It speaks of how our boldness, vibrancy and resourcefulness compliments each other. It shows how a blend of the very best of us ends up as a work of art. With his Afrocentric pop art graffiti style, he uses shapes and patterns to represent our uniqueness as individuals.Every section can be seen to be torn out from a larger piece. The best part of larger piece are brought together to create one single art!

This is a commemorative art piece to celebrate a blending of the best things about who we are as a people. Each bottle will serve as a reminder of all the various we seized inspire of the challenge that stood before us, Each bottle is both a trophy and a commitment to keep conquering. It is a bridge between a place we have conquered and the one we will conquer next.

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