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Carlo Rossi is one of the largest bottled wine brands in the world, ranking among the top three brands in Nigeria, top five in the US and and number one in Poland.

Maybe it is the smooth and approachable wine style or it’s pronounced in-store visibility that has made it a favourite among wine lovers and consumers.

Carlo Rossi wines are generally fruit forward wines layered with sweet aromatics as well as a smooth well rounded finish. They also come with a well balanced fruit, oak sweetness, clean without off notes.

Whether it is the Carlo Rossi Red, White or Rose, the result is a smooth and versatile wine with elegant balance and complexity.

The wine brand has also launched the Carlo Rossi Moscato along with the Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato, two new brands that is taking the market by storm.

Already, it is no longer news that moscato wines are the in-thing among the new generation of wine drinkers owing mainly to the smooth, deliciously sweet, refreshing and fruity tastes.

However, the Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato is in a class of its own.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be drinking it:

Tasting Notes

Carlo Rossi Pink Moscato is a light-bodied sweet and fruity wine layered with floral notes. Hints of tree and stone fruits create very fresh flavours for this wine which should be served chilled.

If you are not salivating by just reading, you are certainly not a wine or moscato lover.

Good Value

You do not have to spend much to get a bottle of the wine. It comes at the same price as Carlo Rossi California Red (core blends).

Low Alcohol

Same price, but not as harsh as the red. The alcohol level is not as high as the red, making it easy to drink, rather than sip.

Saves Money on Mixers

Because it comes with a fruity taste, sweet and goes down easy in the mouth, there is no need for repeated calls to the bartender for a mixer.


The Carlo Rossi Pink is so flexible that even non-wine drinkers can catch in on the fun. That is just because it is easy to like and comes in a lovely pink colour with no complications.

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