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Fun Beer Laws across the globe

Written by Posted on 02 26, 2016

Fun Beer Laws from Across the Globe!

It is unbelievable just how antiquated, and in some cases, simply bizarre certain laws on the regulation of beer can be. Even more surprisingly, some of them are still considered ‘good law’! I thought I would share my top 11 ‘fun beer laws’ with you, have a read and let me know what you think- I can’t see these laws being strictly enforced- can you?

  1. It is illegal to brew or import Beer in Nigeria yet it is perfectly legal to drink it, as long as you are over the age of 18- seriously!! How does that work????
  2. In Scotland, it is illegal to be in possession of a cow whilst under the influence of alcohol! A rather strange law don’t you think? It makes you wonder what incited the Scots to implement such a law!
  3. It is illegal to get married in the UK whilst under the influence of alcohol- that’s the ‘Dutch courage’ philosophy out the window then!!
  4. In Nebraska, it is illegal to sell beer in your premises unless you are making a kettle of soup! This makes absolutely no sense to me either!
  5. In Alaska, it is illegal to give beer to a moose! Would anyone actually consider doing this? The mind boggles!!
  6. In Ohio it is however, legal to give beer to your fish- as long as you don’t get them drunk!! What a crazy world!!!
  7. According to Iowa state law, you can be fined for having more than 3 sips of wine whilst in bed with your wife! No watching TV in bed with your wife, whilst kicking back with a beer in that state!!!
  8. Up until recently beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage by the hard-core drinking Russians owing to its low beer content! Anything less than 10% was simply not alcohol; in fact, beer was considered as a food substance. Beer was therefore not subject to any selling restrictions and could be drank in public places! It has however, now been classified as an alcoholic beverage, but the legal drinking age of 18, is rarely enforced!! Does anyone feel like emigrating to Russia?
  9. It is illegal in Saskatchewan, Canada to drink water in a Beer Parlour! If you are thirsty, you should simply drink more beer!!!
  10. Until recently it was illegal in Texas to own the Encyclopaedia Britannica, because it contained recipe for making your own ‘home brew’ beer! It didn’t stop them from selling it in the shops, bars or restaurants though!!!
  11. And finally, the most interesting law of all hails from Australia! It is illegal in Perth, Western Australia to crush a beer can between your breasts. Anyone unlucky enough to get caught breaking this law is subject to $1000 fine!!! What a Buzz kill!!

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By Stephanie Murphy

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