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Five Ways to Enjoy Your Beer Better

Written by Posted on 01 17, 2018
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Beer is arguably the most popular alcohol beverage in the world today. To prove that, there is hardly any bar you walk into that you won’t find a bottle of beer, except it exclusively does not deal in beer.

However, as popular as beer may be, many people are still at sea about how best to enjoy the refreshing beverage. A lot others fear that it will give them protruding tummies so they shy away from the frothed drink.

That notwithstanding, beer can be enjoyed and its refreshing taste maximised despite all the misconceptions surrounding it.

Here are 5 tips on how to best enjoy beer:

1.Go for the right brand

Never settle for less, go for what your taste craves – that is always the best beer for you. Note that there are different types of beer, each appealing to a different kind of palate. There are ales, ciders, lagers, stouts, bitters, wheat beer and craft beer – go for whichever one suits your style and taste.

2. Always use the right glass

Whether it is a mug, a pilsner glass, a pint, a goblet or a Weizen glass – always use the right glass for your beer. Ensure not to have your beer glass washed with soap as that takes the head off the beer and makes it sog. It is preferable to wash with only clean sponge and rinse with warm water.

3. Pair with food

Beer can be paired with food, just like wines and spirits. However, because it is a really filling drink, it is always best to pair it with a light meal. Most Nigerians love to pair their beer with barbecued fish or meat and there is no wrong in that. However, beer can also be paired with fried foods, and if your beer is sweet, go ahead and pair with grapes or cheeses.

4. Pour the right way

Because beer effervesces a lot, there is a certain technique to pouring it in order to have all the liquid in the glass. The technique involves a slow pouring with the glass held at a 45-degree angle to the bottle. When poured this way, you will have the beer stream down the mid section of the side of the glass, and allowing the head ( foamy stuff) to form slowly. By the time you are done pouring, the head should take up 1″ to 1-1/2″ of the glass.

Alternatively, you can try the double-pour method which is quite popular with Guinness stouts. It involves pouring the glass half-full such that the head takes up the remaining space. Wait for the head to dissipate a bit, then pour the remaining aiming for the head to take up 1″ to 1-1/2″ of the glass.

If poured hurriedly or wrongly, you will just end up having a drink with a ‘big head’ and ‘small body’; I’m sure most new beer drinkers have had that frothing experience.

5. Drink up – the right way.

Do not gulp! That is disrespectful to the drink. Take time to admire the beer in the bottle, the tiny bubbles floating upwards, and see if the head is foamy or creamy. Swirl the beer, just as you would a glass of wine, to release the flavours and take a whiff of the beer. Take a sip and allow it to ruminate in your mouth before swallowing – this allows you to feel the taste and flavour of the beer. Finally, drink up before it gets warm and stale.


  • All alcoholic drinks are diuretics, and are sure to leave you dehydrated after drinking, so it is best to drink water as you drink your beer for a better after-drink feeling.
  • Eat before you drink as this does not only slow down the effect of the alcohol on your system, but will also make you drink less as the beer is equally a filling drink.

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